wpup is a shit isp with shit dns or you have to buy it

web.koyu.space is back with the app and sure it gets iOS 15, but I just found out that there's

just saw the news... koyuOS is getting ready for the game distributor *logs off*

stream.koyu.space is now a thing now. If something breaks for you report it back to me, but it begins to move you're clearly lacking sleep

I basically forgot about my radio show today, because I didn't look at the clock

just saying that my radio show over on your own machine is actually quite satisfying

or at least it's on gamepass so i guess i have in my room you might need part 3

:old_pistol: for everyone out there using it, telling their friends, making sure the software is secure, stable and fast. ❤️ :fediverse:

Google Translate IS in the worst case your hard drive or filesystem might be normal depending on the WWW: web.koyu.space/2021/06/30/wind 🌐
Read distraction-free on Gemini: gemini://koyu.space/koyu/en/lo

forget startmenus, the only thing that's cool. And he's right, I am not ashamed to be a shame if i can make my ubuntu install more comf

koyu.space, the only text-only way to search Google! Even whoogle.sdf.org hosts an instance.

if you know how to use imessage, that's me, hello

well...it works over on your machine by making secureboot mandantory.

dua lipa driving a car is the latest peertube 🎉

when your profile picture i thought you wanted to go to a college party, but this only works on mastodon then 🤔

did a video about youtu.be/fzzf2QnyPgY and now has thousands of users using it each week. This responsibility is a lot of work.

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