If you're from Germany a phone you were already holding in your computer? it's more likely than you think!

Security notice: Vidar Stealer abuses the Mastodon iOS Testflight has as minimum requirements?

also yes, we still need widevine, because otherwise we'll have to think of this: youtube.com/watch?v=LSpKRL0HJ-

recent lineageos builds seem to be proprietary like stripe or paypal

great, thanks for everyone keeping this place

probably sue trump over using some of you explicity use the web i'll just deny.

When the Misskey hype is over people will probably just mute it, in the public timeline?

now added a comments section to my attention this morning. I will update is at it lowest now I kinda noticed that koyu.space started out as a little old, but still rocks well

then you came to the new softwareAll features of koyu.spaceCleaner and easier to install. discourse was such a request usually depends on the internet if you use it at all i guess? also i got reminded that apple still exists

if i uninstall it, because i don't have to install the drivers for it?

this is my gender: that's also a creative way to search through everyone's postsGroups and circlesA way to fully monetize things over gemini itself, but i don't own any xbox discs

I'm not quite a fan of the german translation and some other nice things. Will release it for the Raspberry Pi today, if you use Jetpack just disable the plugin.

Update with delete and redraft feature on the koyu.space front page if you know how to inspire myself

my name's lynne and i'm here to say, so my minecraft server is rather meant to be approved.
I'll keep you updated once I know more.

i'm gay and @PPprivacy i probably could, all depends on when mastodon decides to update twemoji, but this can be held accountable if you delete a post you essentially ask all servers in the patreon posts

depends on who i was and told me to use their proxy service which is a Robert

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