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Another exciting update coming with GNOME 3.38 are new designs for the screenshot and sound recorder applications. Spoiler: they look great!

#Linux #opensource

Material Shell โ€“ a modern desktop interface for GNOME

(submitted by doesntmeananyth)

I made an IRC server for y'all:

Es hรคngen schon einige Jobangebote an unserem virtuellen schwarzen Brett ๐Ÿ“Œ!

Schaut ruhig schon mal vorbei unter

Wenn Ihr selbst noch ein Angebot habt oder einen Job sucht, fรผllt bitte die Vorlage aus und schickt sie uns zu!

#opensource #linux #job
Tf2 "fork" based on the leaked source codem
Pretty sure it's illegal but valve has been all right with modding, so maybe?

boomers treating me like a 5yo is not something i wished for

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A cozy space for everyone (* ^ ฯ‰ ^) โœจ

This server doesn't have a specific theme or topic and everyone is welcome to join :)

What sets us apart from other Mastodon instances:

  • Custom theme
  • Stickers
  • Clean local timeline
  • Optimized interface for content creators
  • Great uptime
  • Podcast app with a complete podcasting platform
  • Fast and helpful support team
  • Strong prohibition of "cancel culture" and other bad social constructs

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