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can someone make a linux tablet that doesn't feel like a fucking scam

My daughter made this awesome painting of Kakashi-sensei for me!

This will the new home of my blog content. It was formerly posted to my personal account, but will now be posted here instead.

boomers blaming me for using the internet to read online docs for something i'm currently writing while they don't realize that they're the ones stuck on their phones running whatsapp :blobcatfacepalm:

ayo @stux once i'm finished with everything i wanted to finish can i completely translate stuxhost's website into german?

i'm curious what fedi thinks :blobcat3c:


We’re already a week into it but if you’re celebrating , have a good one! Please remember to be inclusive - The B, T, Q, I, and A are all important too!


*ID* –> “Crow”
A pretty friendly scarecrow.
this is for

May your week be good Mastodon ! :)

- #mastoart #art #illustration #illustrationday -
:: Better res on website ::

Congrats to twitter for adding a paid model, one feature of which is just the delete and redraft button

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