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trying to fix minor regressions is a major regression

minimum requirements for

- 5 mhz cpu or higher
- 64 kb ram or more
- ethernet networking and a browser with basic https support (you'll need like 2 certs installed or ignore ssl alltogether)
- enough space to run a browser and an operating system that is sufficient enough

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Facebook takes down this image from the #hongkong protests.

You know what to do.

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Das heizen der Eisen auf 230°C erfordert einiges an Fingerspitzengefühl!
40Tage bis zum #36c3

i'm not sure if i want this to be real, but what about a peertube instance dedicated to yuri?

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Hello. I am the CEO of Mastodon Dot Com Ltd. In order to take advantage of Opportunity identified in our hourly SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Twinks) analysis, we will be filling the market-gap left by Tumblr's ban on NSFW content. We will be doing this by banning anyone who is not or never has been a sex worker. Thank you for your time.

- CEO of Mastodon "Mastodon" Dot Com Ltd.

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Hello. I am the CEO of the Mastodon Dot Com Ltd "Webbed Site". As part of our ongoing programme of site improvement, we have decided to ban police from our webbed site. This is due to the effect that police can have on marginalised communities, such as the tax evaders in our accounting department. Thank you for your attention.

- CEO, Mastodon Dot Com Ltd.

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Shouldn't it be proven already that CEOs and other capitalists are literal psychopaths/sociopaths?
Everybody should treat them as such and literally put them in mental asylums!

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New #Tesla factory will be built in existing #forest and lake land. The factory area will replace 300 Ha of forest, or at least, that is how much of the area Tesla is purchasing.

#EVs are only for greenwashing capitalism. This needs to be fought!

Does anyone with knowledge of #German have some more local sources? @hambibleibt perhaps?

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