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Our app now supports downloads and fediverse accounts as podcast host.

To download some episodes: Just tap the cloud icon to download and again to remove.

Using your fediverse account to host your own podcast: Find out your RSS feed URL e.g. koyu.space/@nordcast.rss and load it into the app and begin uploading some audio files. A couple of minutes later your audio file should appear as podcast episode in Nordcast.

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@mewmew yes, just patch out the section where the theme setting option gets disabled and put it into your mastodon files somewhere..there were some docs on this...ah, there we go github.com/tootsuite/documenta

@zen i might have to do it if i have the time and courage

@mewmew copy and paste the css file into the custom css section of the admin panel. it's usually meant as a global theme.

i present to you: the official koyu.space anthem

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Harry Poettering und das geheimnisvolle systemd

@MagicManIsCoolio the guy who started niu.moe and will put an end to it

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Found this (fictional) flag on reddit. Have to share immediately.

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Using domain registries for censorship already happens. We can't let it happen to the ten million+ registrants and NGOs who use their .ORG websites and emails to hold governments and industry to account. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/12/we-n

if niu.moe closes down where will @Miaourt go? will he be still with us on the fediverse?

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@lucy the failing attempt developing a messaging app. i might rebuild this and let it be based on the fediverse. it's basically my proposal for the dm system then.

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