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Don't 👏🏻 connect 👏🏻 your 👏🏻 TV 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 Internet!

Ever! Buy something - a Roku, an Apple TV, a PS4, an Xbox, a Raspberry Pi running Plex, *anything* - and use that as your video source. Don't ever use the TV's own Internet-connect apps. First, they're guaranteed to spy on you. All sly TV brands do this as far as I can tell. Second, they *suck* in comparison with what you get from a set top box.

Just don't do it!


you might wanna consider banning brighteon.social if you think that it's absolute bullshit. up to you, i warned you.

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@resynth1943 irc is a chat protocol and i host a server for that

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29/09/20 Updated Pleroma source and new theming! :glider:  

Hey, Mel here, updated the pleroma dev-branch to the current latest set of commits. Including all the new features such as chats and new stuff!
Also changing some CSS stuff to allow other fonts, the ones currently installed is: blockzone, PeanutMoney, Heading, MonoMMM_5, Tiny and BLACKOUT!

That's all for now, you all have a good one!
~ Mel/Melli :mel_smol:
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@coyote @wistahe @murky filed an issue for that on glitch-soc in hope koyu.space gets support for that some time soon

(and then hopefully getting a messaging app to run)

@Meeper gnome drawing is like an even crappier version of mspaint which is why people have to love it. mspaint itself will sadly be moved to the winblows store soon :/

@subi no, irc is still a thing, i'm just pretty much busy and not in chatting mood

@novaburst sure, my peertube instance isn't connected to s3 tho, which the patch that has been written by @zack is all about.

@novaburst nice. gonna collect more samples and hopefully this bug has been fixed then.

@gaige i don't know, but i really like the sound of the old-school mechanical ones. booting times aren't really that different...but yeah, i'm comparing windows 10+ssd and debian 10+hdd so :akkoshrug:

running debian off a hdd is as fast as on a ssd. cool stuff!

@Calypso1 ich hoffe das Problem ist jetzt gelöst. @zack hatte letztens ein Patch dafür geschrieben. Wäre cool, wenn du es später noch einmal testen könntest ;)

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