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#OpenBSD 6.5 is now released!

It's been a great release, with all sorts of improvements everywhere.

Some of my favourites include ixl(4), unwind(8), and the cool stuff in the wireless stack and massive improvements to #OpenBGPD!


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Guy: "You should really start using #Apple, they value your #privacy a lot"
Me: "You mean that same Apple that joined #PRISM and removed privacy-oriented #VPNs from the #Chinese #AppStore because the Chinese #govt wanted this?"

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snapchat changed like facebook: same slightly prettied-up ui and still poor privacy practices. it's like painting a pile of poo golden and reselling it as new.

my life perfectly described: love, death and robots

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@absturztaube @hermlon @koyu But Final Cut Pro is for round 400 Euro to buy I don‘t list Compressor and Motion which are extra to buy.
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@absturztaube @koyu this is mostly incredebly powertooly software. And to compare GIMP with Photoshop, I mean, c'mon.
GIMP can't go two steps without rasterizing or merging layers.

Sure, that article is a polemic. But I still agree with the last paragraph. If you can't fix a broken dpkg run or purge kernels off your /boot before space runs out or figure out why your file manager suddenly stops automounting USB drives, you're probably better off with the guardrails heavily QA'd UX designer worked on this mainstream solution.

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@koyu not to mention their messy october(?) update which rolled out several times...
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> 5. Support
> Microsoft itself offers live text chat and telephone support

Oh yeah, also Tech Support Scammers will help you out
/sarcasm off

> , while every PC repair shop technician in the country is familiar with the operating system and how it works.

That's actually a valid point there.
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> 4. Bugs
> For regular casual users, having to troubleshoot Linux would be a disaster.

That applies to any OS...
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> 3. Distributions
> There are well over 250 different Linux distros you can choose from.

An that's the beauty of it. choices! what's wrong with that?

@absturztaube also microsoft selling security vulns to the nsa and other like-minded agencies

@absturztaube microsoft hasn't fixed a bug in ntfs that exists since over 10 years and they are aware of it

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> 2. Software Updates

we have packet-managers. if you want to update every software on windows you'll have to run different update programs to do so...

and no, linux doesn't lag behind: in my exp, sec-patches mostly take 2-3 days on average after the vuln is made public to rollout. how long did it take again for m$ to patch eternal blue?!

13. privacy issues
14. complicated privacy settings on purpose
15. not good for environment and economy
16. monopolism/lobbyism
17. oppressive software contracts
18. costs money
19. proprietary vs free licensing
20. unpopular on everything else except in desktop space


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they don't know shit

Adobe Photoshop => :gimp: / :krita:
Microsoft Office => libreOffice
Dreamweaver => any f**king editor
7-Zip => also available on Linux
Final Cut Pro => DigiKam
Outlook => Thunderbird, neomutt
IrfanView => feh, :gimp:, :krita:

9. btw forgot to mention windows is full of viruses and bugs
10. windows updates
11. planned obsolescence
12. lock-in/walled garden if workflow gets too complex


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