it tooks me six hours to get dxvk working with proton. i went through the hell so you don't have to. here's the forum post that solved my issue:

if you get an error message like

Failed to initialize graphics.
Make sure you have DirectX 11 installed, have up to date
drivers for your graphics card and have not disabled
3D acceleration in display settings.
InitializeEngineGraphics failed

then this is likely to be your problem

trying to get "magic: the gathering arena" working on lutris, wine, proton, whatever...any ideas? installer runs, but won't install...also seems to have some weird font/ui bugs

a broad history of the desktop (some not so major desktops not included)

Being on Solus 4 since two weeks and I think it's a good distro. Arch can suck it.

This is stella, stella is a powerful computer liking nature and people.

Demoed software:

- cnf
- zypper
- konsole
- kinfocenter
- glxgears
- firefox
- minecraft
- vlc

Song: Françoise Hardy - Fleur de Lune

how do you rename files on for backup?

13. privacy issues
14. complicated privacy settings on purpose
15. not good for environment and economy
16. monopolism/lobbyism
17. oppressive software contracts
18. costs money
19. proprietary vs free licensing
20. unpopular on everything else except in desktop space

there's a difference between kernel development and a social network. on a social network you send a bunch of people your stuff and on the linux kernel development the only thing people care about is that you get something done.

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