is /e/ a genuine thing or are they "just another false priest"?

@koyu I think they are genuine. Making custom ROM flashed devices for people who can't do it them selves is nice. Trying to create an ecosystem with privacy respecting alternatives, that is supposed to rival big tech companies is BRAVE. Using Refurnished phones is GREAT.

@koyu if it takes off it looks really promising, but for it to take off it needs to increase hardware support I think. My take

@robots agree actually. hardware support is a little bit spotty. it doesn't even use my phone's internal speaker for some reason and WiFi was completely buggy on initial setup.

/e/ can be a good option if you don't wanna tinker with your phone and want an out of the box experience.
But if you're up for it, you can flash custom ROMs like lineageOS, calyxOS or grapheneOS.

The /e/ software is just a skinned version of lineageOS with microG, so both are same but looks different.

LineageOS have some security drawbacks that calyx and graphene doesn't have. These drawbacks may not affect you if you have good security practices, but you should know about it.

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