funny how people say a1batross is a fascist when the only thing they did is to develop a pleroma client 🤔

what's next, blocking all instances with a german ip address?

to be honest i don't care if y'all go out and block my instance. it's not like we host 2k users on here and are about the size of niu's primetime.

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if you don't want to see my posts simply block or mute me, but not an entire 2k users. they literally did nothing to you and tbh everyone has their disagreements even here locally so there's that.

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just because people signed up for doesn't mean they agree with me or even endorse me. this is like endorsing everything jack dorsey says if you're on twitter which simply isn't the case.

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@koyu dunno but koyu really looks like a comfy (and alive) version of niu.

@a1batross and that's basically the concept of it!

@koyu especially that doesn't try to be niu v2 (it's a closed instance) and another niu-alike instances are just on pleroma

@a1batross yeah i see as its own thing as well. this instance here tries to be a mix between and when it was alive. and as long as a few loud voices try to tear us apart it looks like i have to close this thing down when nothing is left. sad we can't have our own safe places with thoughtful discussions here. mastodon had potential...especially when you look at 2016 mastodon vs 2020 mastodon.

@koyu you know, I am started to look at this whole blocking stuff from other side.

By looking at some people who blocked me, it's not like I really wanted to talk with them. Like, we probably don't have anything in common and we would find each other behaviour is really annoying.

Also, I noticed that even without blocks, I don't see the whole fediverse. I tried to get around it by subscribing to different AP relays but instead I got Federated Timeline that I don't want to read because it's not interesting.

Yes, probably my users don't think that way but in this case, they're free to migrate to another instance. It's not like I'm going to be offended by that lol but I appreciate everyone who wants to be on my side of Fediverse.

@a1batross agree. Most of the people that blocked my instance or just me were 99% Karens or eco-fascists which are people I don't want to talk to even in real life. Also agree as well, you will never see the "full fediverse" as new servers pop up every damn day and you can't just host all the exabytes of database storage yourself, you will get insane trying to index all of the fediverse.

@a1batross and yes if you can see this: you are free to leave every time you feel like. This is a free service where I will pour my precious free time into and if you don't want to respect that it's your personal thing.

@a1batross @koyu
Fediverse is much like India, so many different people living under one roof :ablobfoxdundundun:
A universe masquerading as a social media
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