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My rock show will be unavailable at August until I got a fast and stable internet connection again. My current living situation is getting worse and I'm trying to find a way out of this so next week's rock show will be the last and afterwards we'll have to see until I can go back streaming again. The rock show will be up and running again once I got enough time and perfect internet access. My parents are just assholes so hope y'all have a good time while I'm away. Might be a few weeks...or even months, I'm not sure, but I will come back, I promise.

~DJ koyu chan

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@koyu Sometimes in life we just have to do the things that are necessary to overcome the adversities we face so we can be the person we know we're meant to be. Your friends will be here ready for your return when the time is right for you!

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@koyu hey koyu-chan... I am really sorry to hear this. I hope everything becomes better with your relationship with your parents soon. I hope that it passes... but easy for me to say, I know... I don't really know the full situation. Maybe you do need some time away from them until your mind and their mind cool off? When I was young (late teens to early 20s) I always used to argue with both of my parents. IDK -- maybe hormone related haha also maybe i just wanted to be closer to my friends and anything 'home' was annoying to me... but anyway, I really believe everything will be better - but yeah take your time away if you can but if you can't, stay at home and maybe give them a slient treatment for now until everything cools down? I know you are not asking for advice... hey, don't worry about your show. It's important that you take good care of yourself and find more time to think about your situation. We are always here if you need to talk! I wish you all the best 🌈🍀✨

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