@yann may take a while to come back. cloudflare may have stuff cached.

@koyu Discuss is opening normally now. I had left the Tab open, and looked at various other active ones.

The forum looks very nice, I hope the local users will take to it. Have a feeling they might now — younger people grew up in an interminable feed me, FB and Twitter driven world.

I faced that difficulty years ago too, trying to start a forum for a local cycling group. Older people in this case, no previous forums experience, but — already poisoned by the FB timeline syndrome.

Gave up after some 3 months of pumping a lot of content into it. Forums only work if users participate.


@yann well i hope people will realize what this is about and make an account there. i also now added password-less login and a gif keyboard sooo

@koyu password-less for authorized koyu.space instance users, I hope? Not wide open to internet abuse, right ?

We can work on getting people to understand, why a Forum is useful — and there isn’t many open to public registrations in the Net.

I searched for public Discourse ones and couldn’t find any.

If you don’t mind the publicity I could write up a Blog page about it — the idea, how Forums can be great tools, and that you have your own now open to new people.

@yann it's basically you enter your username/e-mail into a field and click on a link in the e-mail to log you in. because i have thunderbird always open it's a good thing to have.

@koyu Thank you. I made a post at Qoto’s Discourse about it, and included replies with updates, some which you posted in an announcement earlier today.

Would love to see an active Forum community blossoming there!

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