We should make an where we thank our instance admins for their hard work every week. You may not see it, but there is always a lot of things going on here and everywhere else.

@koyu Yes, I think this is a great idea.

Sadly, mony, maybe most people don't realize there's a lot involved in keeping the services, maintaing them, covering costs. The amount of personal time devoted to the task. The costs, many times absorbed by staff to keep it live.

I do appreciate it, very much -- have been in Internet communities for many, many years, and even some before Internet.

Back in the days when the local BBS was the wonder we could reach, via a modem and the family's telephone line.

I am in a completely nostalgic moment, just replied in another topic here and included a photo of a beloved piece of gear; has been with me since the 90's, now a heirloom if the kids want to preserve it.


@koyu I wrote a blog page a few months ago, and would like to offer it to you, if you have a quiet moment and like to read.

If not, it's ok.

Here's the original Release announce for it:

  • The Fediverse reminds me so much of FidoNet *

New Year's day, and all is quiet in the land. :-)

Remembered a blog idea; a few days ago, we were chatting in the network. About a situation that reminded me a lot of the BBS world; where I started in computers, dial-up modems, and the network called FidoNet...

New post, live at :

@raccoon @koyu @isi, what a cool name for an instance.

Huge feline lover here, my usual avatar is mostly felines that I identify with; Black Cats specially. 😛

Gotta visit and look at yours, Pleroma I assume?

@yann2 @raccoon @koyu that's right :blobcatuwu:
thank you, the reason I created this instance was mostly because I randomly discovered that "" was avaiable :blobcatadorablepink:
cats are best :blobcatheart:
(raccoons too and dogs too and... every animal is the best honestly, but I am a bit focused on cats :blobcat3c: )


(raccoons too and dogs too and... every animal is the best honestly, but I am a bit focused on cats :blobcat3c: )

And rightfully so. How many other animals had a Goddess representing them in Antiquity?

Bastet was one, and the Egyptians revered their Feline folk. :blobcatsmile:

@koyu @raccoon

@Baishujinkou @koyu thank YOU :nkoLove: the fact that there are people who have chosen this instance over others (including some absolutely fantastic ones) fills me with joy =)
@koyu I :blobcatheart: my @mewmew fren verry much and am happi to be here thamk mew <3
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