@Shufei @koyu i'm just reading the spirit of this pic to include them already

@carcinopithecus @koyu I keep thinking about how feckless and disorganized and childish GUI has become. The new Nautilus was flabbergasting to me. Big, probably, but more, that so many needful features were eliminated for... aesthetics? I don’t understand it.

@Shufei @koyu you mean in that sense, yeah that's terrible

i'm imagining like

left: star trek sorta deal
right: 2001 monolith

not awake enough to write sarcastic text now

@carcinopithecus @koyu That’s fine, we probably all need a sarcasm fast anyway.

I definitely like many buttons and indicators. Uhura’s communications panel seems optimal.

@Shufei @carcinopithecus i mean at least nautilus does its core job: managing your files. i don't care about how it looks, it just has to do its job and it does it well.

@koyu @carcinopithecus Nautilus used to do it’s core job, but the latest version I note has removed basic features like the address bar. Thank Heaven for Caja.

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