@koyu wouldn't step 0 for linux be "find someone who's still selling linux-based laptops"

@proto i think we have enough people selling linux machines

@koyu in the mainstream space? presumably lenovo's doing it, but didn't dell stop?
...does anyone else make passable laptops?

I know there are the niche FOSS hardware manufacturers, but now you're also investing research time into "how much of a scam is this?"

I'm overthinking this webcomic

@koyu @proto I agree. System76 being a big one. Dell also sells Linux workstations. The dude with store down the road and around the corner for me...it's a crazy time to be alive.

@koyu @proto the dude with* the store[...] around the corner from* me

I think I'm becoming addled.

@koyu That's not quite realistic.
Windows needs a bunch of drivers and third party software afterwards.
You can't add RAM to most Macs.
And configuration you need in any case.

@koyu pff. hasn’t been possible to install RAM in Mac laptops in half a decade

@koyu This is by far the most misleading comic I have ever seen.

1) I have a hard time seeing the sort of Linux user who would buy a Linux Laptop for something that "just works" ™️ having a neckbeard

2) The actual process is:
* Buy a laptop
* Spend 5 or so years experimenting with distros and desktop environments, troubleshooting, learning, crying, going back to Windows/Mac before getting fed up enough to try again, the light bulb turns on and suddenly you're a fucking computer wizard
* start working.

@koyu To be fair your probably still going to have to install your own distro and then spend however long it takes for your laptop to become obsolete to get everything wroking perfectly... and I wouldnt have it any other way.

@koyu I would probably take a look at the installed linux and install a fresh one

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