i deleted all android apps on google play, because google is enforcing a new rule which forbids me to display error messages or allow registrations in their own browser. if you still want on your phone use many of the third-party clients for mastodon available at thank you for your time and remember: a world without google is a good world :googletrash:

@mewmew it has something to do to prevent fake messages like "hot asian women in your area", but apparently google doesn't like their chrome browser to display things like "you cannot be logged in, because your username and or password is wrong"

@koyu that's a pretty dumb policy

will you still distribute the apps via F-Droid?

@mewmew sure, but i won't tell my users about that

@d599f84e @mewmew because f-droid is kinda weird, i mean they allow tusky to be there, but i also ask myself for how long if they actively embrace nazi apps

@koyu @d599f84e what do you mean by that?

I don't think they'll be banning Tusky anytime soon.

I do think it's pretty stupid to have multiple copies of an app in the store where the only changed thing is branding.

@mewmew @d599f84e ok good, but yes, i also agree to have multiple forks of tusky that all do the same thing, but for the sake of sanity it's okay to block gab since it's not mastodon which is the actual platform tusky is intended to used with (and pleroma since they added some tweaks for compatibility)

@koyu @d599f84e yeah

I think it's fine to have Tusky and FreeTusky (since neither are branded to a particular instance and they actually differ in features) it'd be ridiculous to ban Tusky since they were the first and I wouldn't agree with banning FreeTusky either since it's not branded towards a particular instance and removes a limitation of Tusky (the merits of which can be argued but I don't think F-Droid should get involved).

Spinster and Librem Social are just stupid though, they add nothing except for branding and make it look like they created the apps instead of them being made by someone else - there's no benefit to any possible user by them being there.


Do you know that you could put your app into another f-droid repo? Kali linux for example has one, and there are other ones as well.

But I think if you already have your app available somewhere else, that's fine too, probably.


@koyu @d599f84e @mewmew Actively embrace, or just don't give a shit about what goes into their repo?

@mewmew the sad thing about it that this might prevent @Tusky or @fedilab to publish their apps to google play too

@koyu They rejected it due to *adverts* that display fake errors... That isn't an advert displaying an error message, that's an actual fucking error message...

@koyu I'd dispute it to be honest, unless you're just done with them... Seems like the person on the other end is a bit fucking useless...

@cccam i highly doubt the intelligence of some google employees

@koyu I just flashed my phone to rattlesnakeos so working on googlefreeness. Though prolly gonna use my Gmail for stuff till I find a solid email host I like

@WillTheImmortal the guys over at @Tutanota seem to do a great job, i use their services, too

@koyu @Tutanota looks nice. I'll try the free version and see how it works and might opt for premium later heh. Thanks!

@WillTheImmortal @koyu Thanks for the recommendation. Any question, we're here to help! :)

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