i love it how people register here, answer to a post and then leave

@koyu I have lots of "weird" registrations, I've just come to accept it.

@mewmew same, it's not like they're harmful or something

@koyu @absturztaube Well maybe they don't get hooked because on fedi you kinda put in time to find peepos to follow and get a timeline you like. At the beginning the empty follower timeline and chaotic federated one can be allienating.

Hell when I joined I started to ask Gargon on Twitter about dump things because I didn't understood a buncha things.

@mewmew @kitsune @koyu what? i use this alt to test stuff between pleroma and masto. and i haven't cleaned my others yet

@absturztaube @kitsune @koyu hmm

I need a new masto alt (#ichiimoeforever)

you do have a lot of alts though, deleting is no excuse :blobcatlul:

@mewmew @koyu @kitsune i got a lot of alts because i keep forgetting my old alts :blobcatshrug:

@koyu Wow, do they even delete the accounts?

@MagicMan no, they just idle here and i won't clean up unused accounts just for the sake of work

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