teaching crabs how to read is forbidden knowledge

@koyu Oh no! I can't let me parents know I'm trying to teach crabs how to read,

@koyu There is only one proper use of parental control software: Teaching your kids how to detect and circumvent censorship!

@koyu I know this is a joke but this screenshot is fucking creepy

@koyu Even parents are trying to discourage their kids from contributing to Rust.

@koyu minister kaspersky, tear down this firewall

information deserves to be free, free as the crabs as they scurry and scuttle in the crushing depths of the ocean floor, much as we scuttle to and fro from home to workplace under the gleaming bootheel of capitalism

@koyu okay but did you name your child Strairdrac

@koyu there’s a good reason why we can’t remember the last time we taught the crabs to read.

@koyu Did it interpret "crabs" as "genital lice"?!

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