"This was the beginning of surveillance capitalism, and the end of the Internet as I knew it. Now, it was the creative Web that collapsed, as countless beautiful, difficult, individualistic websites were shuttered. The promise of convenience led people to exchange their personal sites [...] for a Facebook page and a Gmail account."

- Edward Snowden from his book "Permanent Record"

this just reminded me im meant to be getting that book in a few days, can't wait

@kahakai @koyu

As you should be. Just finished it last week. Not only is it eye-opening but surprisingly amusing, read it almost in one go

@koyu there is a really cool platform which tries to bring back the creativity:

@Esther i know about neocities, wish more people had a website

@koyu oh cool! Yeah same, I have one on there but I couldn't be bothered to fix it. Personal sites are ayyyy under used :((

@koyu i remember when you could just... get... hosting.

@koyu great book. Currently about half way through.

@jordan i only mastered one third of it. so much to process.

Another book you may consider is a book my Michael Bazell, he specializes in OSINT, or Open source intelligence if you will. He has several interesting books essentially finding anyone you want on the internet and their identity. Part of what I do is this and he’s very legit. He also has a book that covers disappearing from the internet which is also legit. I focused my masters thesis around this and data mining. I hate it, all. It’s disgusting how corporations get away with what they do in

@koyu Terms of taking out data and selling it. Bastards.

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