how do you rename files on for backup?

@twee just so you can change your config file back in case you made an error...nothing huge

@koyu duplicacy on server, timemachine on mac, every 15 min, doesn't happen too often that I edit a file substantially twice in that timeframe

@aurelia cool, i do .bak and backup my /home partition on an encrypted external hard drive

@koyu timemachine goes to encrypted partition on drive, duplicacy to wasabi with their own crypto on top

I can really commend duplicacy (not duplicity, there's like 3 things with that name)

@aurelia i tend to just clone my hard drive and spread it across different regions rather than storing stuff in the cloud. if someone plugs the hard drive in, they would see a bunch of random files and propably would go and format it to use it in private. i am totally fine with this since hard drive space is almost free nowadays.

@koyu I got 100 megs upstream and wasabi is like $5/TB so I really can't complain, drives would never be cheaper and I always somehow break mechanical HDDs

@koyu "<filename>.ext.backup" when i backup important files.

unimportant files, just get 1:1 mirrored and left like that :AsukaShrug:

@koyu I just name the backups the same as the original, that way I can just copy everything from the backup drive over to the main seamlessly. That, or make a bit by bit copy of the original drive

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