i would say if there's anyone who creates adult content on tumblr this person should join mastodon. mastodon looks like tumblr, works like tweetdeck, but isn't banning people without any reason and keeping them away from being creative by that.

we are a kind, accepting and playful community. heck, anyone who doesn't even use tumblr should join too.

i can recommend reading this article to find out more:

@koyu eh the fedi has its fair share of problems, who knows what's best.

as far as tumblr goes, who knows maybe it will improve their quality of life of using their site. you have to give the benefit of doubt to them imo

@miwilc well, tumblr doesn't really have a moderation team. tumblr is owned by yahoo which is just a bunch of managers. i don't think that some managers will have their time to moderate content from millions of people.


(((delete and redraft was a good idea they said)))

that's still more of a technical problem that can apply to fedi instances too, i think i can see what they are trying to do but we'll see what happens i guess :3

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