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This account is for comedic purposes only. Please do not answer on anything that might upset you.

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These are my fediverse profiles that are worth mentioning

:circlev:@koyu - My main account, I'm most active here
:mastodon:@koyu - My second account over on in case is on fire
📷 @koyu - My PixelFed profile (barely active there, because I don't have much pictures to post)

And fediverse profiles for some projects I'm working on

:lain:@the_wired - late 90s/y2k media dump
:nordcast: @nordcast - My podcast app

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If you want to see what I'm currently listening to check out my or public Spotify playlists


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i'm learning dutch and i realized it's extremely easy to pick up for me since i'm a native german speaker

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"This was the beginning of surveillance capitalism, and the end of the Internet as I knew it. Now, it was the creative Web that collapsed, as countless beautiful, difficult, individualistic websites were shuttered. The promise of convenience led people to exchange their personal sites [...] for a Facebook page and a Gmail account."

- Edward Snowden from his book "Permanent Record"

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Wait a second, am I serving a secure web site with the full power of Node.js on a $150 PinePhone UBPorts Edition using Site.js 14.2.0 Alpha ( and ngrok?

I think I might be! :awesome:

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #PinePhone #UBPorts #SiteJS

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Texts Allege #Encryption Service #EncroChat Hacked by #Europol🇪🇺

The phones that the company sells, #EncroPhones, offer such features as a dual operating system, panic wipe, and tamper proofing. Due to the #anonymity and privacy features like these, companies like EncroChat are being increasingly targeted by law enforcement.


Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2, 70€

Now for sale. Send me a DM and I'll send you my PayPal link.

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Would be nice if --disable-network-policy in k3s was mentioned in the docs for our CNI provider. :buncry:

i mean picture this
a tiktok clone, but on activitypub basis
if everybody is concerned about their privacy on tiktok we can literally give them an escape plan

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i just realized that this could be a call to action to make a federated open-source version of tiktok?

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small note: don't use mpv. their developers suck and are just huge kde cucks not knowing how to write and/or use good software.

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getting tech support e-mails, because steam broke their client on winblows. telling everybody to use linux instead lol :tux:


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ntfs has all of these btw, just saying (no snapshots on fs level tho, but snapshots)

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