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oh well ...i love them

i'm koyu and i obviously run this place i'm on (would be nice to check it out) and some other things like a small git server and my personal website. i'm a transgirl with autism and like to find new friends i can sympathize with and build up a small community about my issues. i think mastodon is a great place to start :)

tip me: and

The Fernie Swastikas were a women's hockey team that was formed in 1922 in Fernie, British Columbia. Their uniform had the swastika, which was a common religious symbol, long before the Nazis adopted it.

youtube is down because we live in a just world where there are consequences for predatory capitalists who destroy the decentralized internet for profit (haha, no, I kid!)

wouldn't it be extremely nice and cozy being a kangaroo baby in a bellysack?

call me cute one more time and i'll melt like a forgotten chocolate bar in the pocket

Show more is a safe space community emerged in late 2013 and this is their latest project made on April 4th 2018

We use a modified version of the Code of Conduct as
instance rules and are hosted on οΌΌ(≧▽≦)/

This instance doesn't have a specific theme or topic and everyone is welcome to join :)

No instances are blocked on this instance, but we believe in good moderation policies.

If you're looking for koyu's personal's available here!

Note: Gmail e-mail addresses have been banned from due to spammers.

Also have a fan-made GIF for

animation of a bird with text using a meme font


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