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koyu.space now runs mastodon 2.4.2, yayyy :)

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ginny is still in need of support for things like: food 🍎, bills 💸, & medication :inhaler:

check out her patreon for things she's currently working on, & give a small monthly pledge if you can: patreon.com/ginnymcqueen

she also has a shop you can get cute anti-facist catwear & cool coffee mugs: sunflower.cafe/

ginny is a very great human, & also a very great resource to any social media site given her expertise in online harassment.


please support &/or boost!

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oh @RafiX is marshall lee...guess i'm kind of his girlfriend? i don't know...

debian: it just works™️

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Eat more planets.

// original artwork by Joe Webb

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🎉 #Mastodon v2.4.2 is out: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

- Invite autofollow option
- Language filter opt-in
- Default posting language
- "Find friends" link
- dat, ipfs protocols autolinked
- Other fixes and improvements

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@Dekken @marsxyz

Everyone knows wearing girl clothes makes it better
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@dev_ponies i can't access my matrix account anymore

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