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you don't need more than this computer to access koyu.space. just connect your koyu.space transmission device which we mailed to you to your serial input of your computer, set the terminal to 9600 baud, connect the transmission device with your modem, dial-up and you're ready to go.

note: this is just a tech shitpost, such a device doesn't exist, but it would work in theory

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IOSIS - おたく ~空前絶後の萌え萌えキュン♡~

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"Unsecure Chtrbox AWS database exposes data on 49 million Instagram influencers, accounts"

An unsecured Chtrbox database hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and discovered by security researcher Anurag Sen has exposed the records of more than 49 million Instagram influencers.


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I got some Posca pens for my birthday! Here's my first attempt with them, on the cover of my travel watercolor sketchbook.

Featuring my Callide-cat as a helpful stand XD

#poscapens #paintpens #unicorn #cat

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that new nextcloud update has a really good performance imo

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let's wait until they break more stuff with coming updates

tbh windows 10 1903 is the first windows version that feels like a usable thing again

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tip: don't use it or you'll be musked

entrepreneur is a word to make capitalists sound good

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