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Thinking about reconstructing my radio show to play a different genre. Yes, no and if yes what.

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This account is for comedic purposes only. Please do not answer on anything that might upset you.

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again, if you think the first amendment right is a free ticket for posting bullshit online you are worthy to get banned. i am the person that decides who i like and who not after all. if you can't behave on go to a different website or unplug your router.

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These are my fediverse profiles that are worth mentioning

:circlev:@koyu - My main account, I'm most active here - My second account over on in case is on fire
📷 - My PixelFed profile (barely active there, because I don't have much pictures to post)

And fediverse profiles for some projects I'm working on

:lain:@the_wired - late 90s/y2k media dump

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If you want to see what I'm currently listening to check out my or public Spotify playlists


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"This was the beginning of surveillance capitalism, and the end of the Internet as I knew it. Now, it was the creative Web that collapsed, as countless beautiful, difficult, individualistic websites were shuttered. The promise of convenience led people to exchange their personal sites [...] for a Facebook page and a Gmail account."

- Edward Snowden from his book "Permanent Record"

⚠️ Obacht an alle Android-User*innen 🚨 warnt vor neuer SMS-Betrugswelle. Es werden SMS mit Voicemail-Messages verschickt, die zu einer Appinstallation aufforden, mit der die Betrügenden die komplette Kontrolle über das Handy erhalten.

.. ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛
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Mit Season 4 von Black Ops Cold War wächst der Platzbedarf von Call of Duty wieder. Zusammen mit Warzone sind über 400 GByte belegt. (Call of Duty, Speichermedien) Massenspeicher: Call of Duty wird schon wieder größer

i made the donation button the wrong color smh

for all the nerds out here, hex color is's lazer pink

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the pink color of is now officially called lazer pink

Welcome to the girl cave. We've got:

* Screens (for looking at)
* Compy box (for computing on)
* Oestrogen (for magical girl transformation (long))
* Makeup (for magical girl transformation (short))
* Comfy sofa (for kissing on)
* Skirt (for spinning in)
* Fluffy socks (for comf)

Biometric mass surveillance is creeping out of science fiction and in to the real world - we’re asking the EU to take a stand and put it back where it belongs.

If you’re a European Union citizen, sign the ECI and join us:


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