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oh well ...i love them

i'm koyu and i obviously run this place i'm on (would be nice to check it out) and some other things like a small git server and my personal website. i'm a transgirl with autism and like to find new friends i can sympathize with and build up a small community about my issues. i think mastodon is a great place to start :)

tip me: ko-fi.com/koyuawsmbrtn and paypal.me/koyuawsmbrtn

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I watched too much ASMR and now I expect everyone to be quiet and friendly and sometimes brush my face.

i think since xubuntu introduced snaps as part of their software store it might be a good alternative to windows or mac for the casual pc user who just plays one or two games or does their daily web browsing, email and chatting (also it's lightweight on slow hardware thanks to the xfce desktop and it's a distro that "just works")

their website is pretty gorgeous and their design reflects what their message is. an easy to use linux distro for users, that deserve freedom.

well the people making unlicensed Halloween costumes seem pretty on top of it as we head into Fall...

oh and this is how most applications are supposed to look like


(explorer and run dialog aren't really consistent yet)

oh, satania.space seems to use an older version of pleromer

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