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If you want to see what I'm currently listening to check out my or public Spotify playlists


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i'm learning dutch and i realized it's extremely easy to pick up for me since i'm a native german speaker

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"This was the beginning of surveillance capitalism, and the end of the Internet as I knew it. Now, it was the creative Web that collapsed, as countless beautiful, difficult, individualistic websites were shuttered. The promise of convenience led people to exchange their personal sites [...] for a Facebook page and a Gmail account."

- Edward Snowden from his book "Permanent Record"

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how do you rename files on for backup?

report any bugs regarding notifications on the app to me. the feature is still in beta and i'm not entirely sure if people can see each other's notifications by accident.

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Steven universe here comes a thot and its just a gif of Kevin walking towards the camera

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renaming your hard drive to fartdrive

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@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

Solange Merkel ihren Windows 3.11-Rechner nicht ans Modem anschließt kann sie sich ja auch keinen Coronavirus holen

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Merkel: Statt Ehe für Alle erstmal Quarantäne für alle in unserem viralem Neuland

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scotlang: a programming language where all keywords are in Scottish Gaelic

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Today is #TransDayOfVisibility and our maston mascot here on wants to spread the word.

Reminder: we also have an Android app for which you can download off Google Play (and F-Droid, but updates reach it slower)

so apparently there's this new trend where instance admins use real life pictures of themselves. i just jumped on this bandwagon.

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If you plan to buy hand sanitizers from Amazon my dad @TobiasAin sells hand sanitizers, support local shops and give +494344410911 a call :)

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