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i'm koyu and i run i do a lot of cool stuff on the internet and kill demons while eating chicken nuggets.

i'm autistic, trans, lesbian and maybe your friend.

i love computers, eating garbage, science, philosophy, linux, decentralization and encryption.

otherwise i'm awesome, 19 and from germany.

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Meine Winterstiefel sind so gebaut, dass sie das Wasser verdrÀngen wenn ich in eine Pfütze springe. Außerdem sind sie auch noch wasserabweisend.

roses are red, violets are blue Show more

@koyu @soka You can't be a good programmer if you don't know what evil is first hand.

Looks like it's time for winter clothing again, was even slightly snowing^^
#running #strava #mastorunner

the idea behind is okay, but please please tag everything, not only the hardcore shit...everything that's porn should have a cw

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