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Why does the US military need so much money? Of the 190 countries in the world, the US military protects 150 of them. These countries literally have no military budget. German soldiers have had to literally practice shooting with brooms, because they couldn't afford guns.

I'm beginning to see why Trump wanted to start charging other countries for protection.

Why can't we have free college and healthcare? We're protecting 3/4 of the world.

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Also, I was 7 in '95. But I took it everywhere until I was about 15.

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Why does my laptop, from 1995, still run -- after my 12-year-old ass lugged it everywhere, but my laptop from 2012 go out in 2016?

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#lbry is like modern public libraries. More movies than books.

Here at #AnarchoBookClub we are trying to change that. I would like to start uploading all my epub files, but I can't do it without help. To publish, I need more lbry tokens.

You can help me out by visiting my channel and if you like a video, consider tipping the club with some LBC!

Check it out at:

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WTF!? pip search has been permanently disabled?
How is that even possible?
Does anybody know more about this and whether it will be reenabled using something other than XMLRPC?

#python #pip

What content do you consume most on Reddit?

Do you consider Reddit too restrictive?

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Do I have any vinyl guys, gals or non-binary pals? I think kiddo wants to get a record player. What kind of setup do people these days get? I don't know what is normal. Not an audio person.

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@ki4jgt i saw a video on youtube last night about a first person shooter game that was made to use less than 100kb... the demoscene of the 90s and 00s was the king. The game would unpack to about 1.5gig, used algorythems to generate its textures... but yeah programmers have become lazy, just copy and paste and fill up a game with bloat... let me find u the link...

The truth is in the details. If the details bug you, you're living in fantasy, not reality.

Constitutionally speaking, DC's statehood is illegal. I'm curious if we could skirt that and give them pseudo-citizenship from a surrounding state.

Despite alt-right dog whistles, the US constitution gives each state the right to manage its own affairs. It's why some states make it illegal for their police officers to call ICE on illegal immigrants, and why Maryland tried to cut power and water to the NSA a few years back -- they didn't agree to their spying practices.

Because of this, DC's statehood is also illegal in the constitution. In fact, people aren't supposed to even be living there. The federal government caved and allowed it to happen though.

DC surrounds the capital. Making it a state would constitutionally give it the right to handle its own affairs. It would get state's rights.

During a global pandemic, Texas had a huge power outage. Can you imagine DC being in lockdown, and senators being unable to get to the capital to pass legislation on Texas' issue, because of DC's lockdown? As it stands, the capital passes laws for DC. I'm also curious if, instead of making them a state, the citizens could get pseudo citizenship from Virginia, where DC's land originally came from.

"The greatest knot has no string, and still cannot be untied." ~ Lao Tzu

If you wanna put a man on a leash, fill him with fear. Tell him he has no control over his life. That danger is everywhere. And that by listening to you, he can be safe.

It works because it's true, every bit of it. Except for the part about being safe. We're a bunch of shit-slinging apes on a speck of dust flying through an empty void. What part of that is safe?

St Andrews College just put out a video claiming American Colleges are more hostile to Christians than the beaches of Normandy.

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Join over 8 million others on the YouTube alternative, LBRY. Everything's stored on the blockchain, so nothing gets deleted. No censoring.$/invite/4uvT67kxrqPX8

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