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Just made mini peanut butter cookies. Calling them peanut butter bites.

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A lot of liberals seem to be bullied in high school. Is social unrest how they enact their revenge? They say the child abandoned by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.

I have discovered the wonderful game of Go. It's changing my life.

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I am an unemployed disabled programmer or SRE with significant experience. I can do things for your community or org at a nominal price. Or if you have pointers to companies or orgs hiring I'd really appreciate it!
I need something 1/2 to 4/5 time (20-32 hours) per week for a hired position. For contract stuff I'm open to negotiation. Thanks!


Good Thursday morning! I hope it's great for you.

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Crypto AG: “For decades, the Swiss company sold encryption devices while being secretly owned by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and Germany's intelligence service, which could freely read what it encrypted.”

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I just listened to a job interview course. The lady said people can tell when you're being disingenuoine.

According to the latest research, job interviews are nothing but two people lying to each other for 30 minutes.

Psychology says, the fastest way to feel good about yourself, is to help others; There's a world of needy people outside your door.

The Hebrew letter for 6 is w. The mark of the beast is either in your hand, or head. And you'll have to have it to buy or sell anything.

The world wide web is required to buy or sell anything, and it is constantly in our hands. Because of VR, it's also on our heads.

The beast is the Internet 😳😳😳

When you return to work from Covid, don't go to fast food, where you'll be treated like crap. Hit 'em where it hurts! Go into skilled trade. The dot com boom created a shortage of workers in these fields.

Workers are so in demand, employers will pay for your training. Skilled trade is pretty much the only place you'll get paid $100 to plunge a sink for 10.

And the only requirement is a high school diploma.

Confession time: I use an abacus when calculating the bills of my clients. Haven't had a complaint yet, but I wonder if it would bother them if they knew?

Trump's social network. . . is a blog.

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