@kevyn I look forward to it! What you got in the works?

@aliciaesperanza96 I kinda wanna make a "follow up" to the EP I made last year (I don't think I even thanked you for buying it, TYSM <3)

Rn I have like 2 tracks, one of them pretty much finished, they're slightly longer (one 8 mins, one 7 mins)

I wanna make 2-3 more, or if by chance I'm feeling really really "inspired" I'll make it an album haha

@kevyn Awesome! And a pleasure, it is without exaggeration my fave album rn.

I'm happy to give feedback if that's something you find at all useful. Btw I was wondering do you use OpenMPT for all your music?

@aliciaesperanza96 I'm happy you like it that much :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

I'm kinda weird in this aspect, I'm always changing what I use to make music

rn I'm making stuff with Reaper, I made things in the past with OpenMPT, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cakewalk and I've used VCV Rack to make some samples

I kinda have a love for trackers tho so I'm wanting to make more music with OpenMPT

@kevyn Nice! Yeh, I'd not come across trackers before, something I might look into. I also use a mix, although I am relying on Logic a lot atm

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