@kevyn As a fellow bedroom producer, you're welcome. Especially forest was good at putting me into a nice mood for my #nanowrimo project :3

@btcprox thank you, I've used Cecilia 5 for some sound design + Ableton Live (one of the few things keeping me on Windows haha)

@kevyn interesting, haven't heard of Cecilia but I might give that a tinker 🧐

@kevyn Listening to your album right now. It's 1 am here, so I have to stop after the second track but I'm gonna listen to the whole thing tomorrow. Sounds very promising :)!

@kevyn "Forest" is my favorite so far. I'll check out your other releases once I start my day. I'll let you know..

To the fediverse: Listen to Kevyn's #music #ambient #ambientmusic


@dontoverthinklife I'm happy u listened and I'm glad u liked it!!! Just gotta warn u cuz I was mostly trying to make "dance" music before that EP so don't expect too much haha

@kevyn No worries - I'm not a fan of #expectations. Even though I do have a preference, I'm open to listen to whatever the universe throws at me :).

@kevyn ps: please post more! don't hide your art! help the audio community to grow here on Mastodon.

#audio #contribution #music

@kevyn no, thank YOU for creating. I listened to it yesterday during one of our tea ceremonies. as I said, I hope you are going to drop more ambient stuff ✨.

have a great day, K!

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