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high concept 

stealth game who's primary mechanic is that stealth is technically impossible. the main antagonist is some kind of centralized AI core that can always see the player through environmental sensors. to begin with the AI knows you are there but doesn't consider you a threat so isn't putting very much effort into stopping you, enemies react slower or might just ignore the player altogether. primary loop is trying to achieve a set of objectives that all require you to get the AI's attention making each subsequent objective harder.

maybe include some equivalent of the visibility gem mechanic but instead of tracking how directly visible the player is it tracks what percentage of the AI's mind is dedicated to trying to kill the player.

Which Windows was the best one?

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Making another version of this poll where the answers are "I'm old", "I'm a millenial" and "I'm baby"

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I've recently gone back to play minecraft, with the new Fabric modloader and shit.
So currently i'm playing a catboy with a snorkling nozzle, a couple of blue plastic fins at his fe-ahem paws, and electric-green (additional in this case) claws.
And i'm not talking about the sking, that's just something else.

It's 8 o'clock, and I'm feeling identifiably homosexual.

@koyu @kettlevoid trying to figure this toot out made we want to learn german

in which a wigglytuff launches sexy vampire jokes into the dick joke territory, specifically with penises in peril 

@kettlevoid then you just swing by the seedy nightclub and find the stall with the glory hole and wait

it's fine! it's like breaking into a capri sun! bloods already THERE, just slorp some up

@kettlevoid or, hear me out here - you use the vampire powers of seduction and tell them to go over to somewhere quiet with you and pretend it's extremely good foreplay

vampires biting necks because it's sexy need to step it the fuck up, because another point of the body where there's some nice accessible big tubes o' bloodflow is

the femoral artery


p.s. i don't know why this medical illustration has been turned into a meme with the application of a "what's dat?" but i approve. also it was the first thing on google image search that wasn't too gory (like real dissections) but also wasn't too nsfw (what with proper anatomy references not shying away from dingaling display)

Dota: Dragon's Blood 1x01 

Well, that was decent. They do swear a lot for no reason though.

#Dota2 #DragonsBlood

the elder scrolls summarized:
morrowind: it's like how lenin was sent back to russia to do a revolution but with reincarnation
oblivion: the king went to uni with your da and does you a solid by letting you out of jail, hijinks ensue
skyrim: possibly a metafor for being born into privilege as well

@kettlevoid Ah, that would make it really difficult to travel. The plane ride to the mainland US is really long so it would be even longer from Italy. That would probably be the biggest obstacle. Boats and hotels are also a given for an island. Maybe you could have a Hawaii themed staycation, especially since food recipes are online and there's no place like home! For some reason the electric company here sells a cookbook that I heard is actually surprisingly good so that might be an option too.

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