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Uhg, EasyAntiCheat can't run with driver signature enforcment disabled. What a pain in the ass.

The problem would be choosing which switch, because i don't want to pay for the double switch ones, and in my home like, only the kitchen light and the closet have a single switch, all the other rooms have 2 or, in the case of the halway, even 3 switches for the same light.

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I'm kinda tempted to try these Shelly smart relays. They are wifi instead of zigbee, which i don't really like, buuut, the promo art says it's so easy that you can install it yourself, so it may be a good excuse to use with my mother..

I'm in such a bad mood now, god. Why sometimes i try to talk with my parents is beyond me.

I swear to god, trying to reflash this xperia tablet is taking years away from me.
First the drivers, now the firmware version, i'm already exhausted.

I'm desperately trying to recover my xperia tablet from soft-brick, and.. it's really difficult.
I'm now trying to flash an official firmware, due to blocked bootloader.
I wonder if maybe i could try postmarketos..

So, I managed to separate the screen from my Sony tablet (with only an invisible crack) and tried plugging it after removing the battery.
I'm now trying to charge it through the power bank, if it doesn't work, I'll either buy a magnetic cable to try, or I'll just remove the microusb and solder some cables

Does anyone knows how to use SQLAlchemy with postgres?
psycopg2 can't find my tables!

so henlo~ i was previously @dafne so i'm not at all new to mastodon :ablobcatrave:​ but i just needed to hop to a more active instance (again))

i mostly talk tech and have a weekly crisis :110:​ and develop some stuff, including gnome :gnome:​ extensions you may have used~

also i'm very gay :transdab::gaysper:

From my System Administration course: "Your company is running a trial that includes starting a web server on system. Since this could potentially generate many log entries, this logging should be limited to a maximum of three messages per second".
How do you do this? By using firewalld to limit the number of requests.

P: This view is really good!
Spooky stuff: *Throwing every possible signal to him to go away*
P: Lol, climate change is really making the animal act crazy

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Idea for a comedy-horror: Going to a creepy place but the protagonists just vibing and not feeling anything bad.

P is walking in a creepy canyon trail.
Spooky Stuff: *Zoomies in the bushes*
P: Lol, woordland creatures, cool.

For some fucking reason, my wifi card, an intel AX200 on pcie 3.0, has horrible performance on my wifi, which has a shared ssid between 2.4 and 5ghz.
How beautiful.

For some reason, i've gotten suddenly fascinated with my old old ISP router: It looks like an AP, with a good enough coverage, it's squared, small, and you can have root and use the underlying customized openwrt system.
If the DSL part didn't just fuck itself, i would still be using it.
I'm thinking of either repurposing it as an ap, or as like, a desktop switch

Wallabag is pretty fine. The only problem is that, like Pocket, doesn't have bulk/multiple item management, and also i can't just create a tag and then add stuff.
Which are all problem with the interface, but it's not bad, maybe my first project will be making a different ui.

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