@wistahe Uhm really interesting. If i'll come to read it, i'll let you know!

@wistahe wait it's a manga? I thought it was a visual novel

@wistahe ...and did the witch do it or not? And also, supernatural character, but are the crimes themselves done supernaturally?

Started watching "Manifest" on Netflix, and i'm just 2 episodes in, and i really love the idea of there being some strange, supernatural force, whose main objective seem to be solving crime.

@tastytentacles well, i do mainly use it for scripting, so there is that. Also yes the typing is bad because there is not real types

@tastytentacles how dare you, python is great!
Except package import.
I still don't get that shit.

@tastytentacles that's so cool! It's like a chocolate bar in a chocolate bar!

I've finally had an opportunity to finish Herculion's Full Service.
The artworks and CGs, but it doesn't really have a lot of.. stuff to do, other than the love interest.

@tastytentacles eeeh i see why. Maybe I'll make a new one too, I'll just have to find a good alternative app. My tumblr app already had an, ehm, important account

@tastytentacles lol. I think my tumblr account broke after being inactive for so much - the main thing i see is tloz stuff

@tastytentacles well yes. But here the think is way more like standardized because bancomat is used by all banks.
Essentially bancomat is 2 card in one: a card used to get money from atm, and a mastercard card that takes momey immediately from the bank account, so a middle ground between prepaid and debit card.
Because of that during the years bancomat cards evolved alongside normal cards - now that everycard has chips, bancomat uses them too.

Felino :blobcatverified: boosted
Well poppet, prepare to be pleasantly surprised, we already have that technology: www.myfridgefood.com


App idea: a recipe website where you can put what you have in your pantry and it shows recipes that onclude those ingredients

@tastytentacles Uh, strange. Maybe it's because bancomat was originally thought just for taking money from ATMs, and then it had added paying capability (PagoBancomat over Mastercard circuit). Pratically everyone has both a normal credit/debit card and a bancomat because if it takes a card, it always take bancomat.
Strange thing is, when you pay Bancomat is always a separated choice instead of like, debit/credit card, so it may be that the reason for different limits than normal cards.

@tastytentacles uh, ive5 tried only with Bancomat, which is a little special being both a special card, but it uses the mastercard system, and the only limit is having to put the pin over 20€, but all contactless. I've payed around 100€ at ikea last week

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