@tastytentacles an anycubic mega zero for me, reaaaally cheap, but for the love of god i cant calibrate the vertical axis correctly.
Its there i think since 2020, never once managed to print.

@tastytentacles i felt the same way, until i bought a FDM that came as a kit.
I still haven't managed to make it work.
A resin one is probably better, also because they are more detailed.
Also, i think i have some (3d printable) models for tabletop games that i got off humble bundle if you want me to check

@tastytentacles if you bought a 3D printer (a resin one I'd say) would be probably even cheaper on the long run, no?

post from r/ennnnnnnnnnnnbbbbbby (may contain flashing imagery) 

Shapeshifting. . . redd.it/v8qit0

"Why do you keep a pcie wifi card when you NEVER use wifi?"
Bluetooth that covers the whole fuc*in apartment.

I hope the cold of these couple days will last for a while, i reeeeally hate summer heat!

I have to say, while logitech's unyfing connector is a great idea, to be able to use a single dongle for multiple aftermarket devices, it can be really shitty sometimes, it's better to just go with bluetooth generally

Today i moved from Edge to Vivaldi on my desktop.
I still really like edge, but i wanted to be able to sync between desktop and android, and i love vivaldi's tab stacks on mobile

Finally ordered my new (as in used from ebay) laptop, a Thinkpad L480!
Except for being bulkier, it's more performant, better specd than my current XPS 13, which also came at double the price..
Maybe i should have bought a thinkpad at the time

@Rasp nice, way better than using the dlna one like i have too. Do you also use smart bulbs or switches? I've seen the second one being more common in NA

@Rasp tbh i never did any automation because i don't have the right kind of devices, mainly just as dashboard to display sensors..

Hmn roku is north america only, right? Does it work kinda like androidtv as an integration, where you can also play media from HA and launch apps?

@Rasp that's so cool! May i ask you what tv you're using and what HA setup? Are you using node-red or normal HA automations?

C#: defines function inside another function
Me: please, no.

@stemid @giffengrabber @admin webdav over nextcloud is pretty useful, mainly because you can have authentication per users. Without nextcloud, i need to essentially make a webdav container for each person, I'd say it's a little wasteful.
I wonder on desktop if it's faster SMB or WebDAV?

@giffengrabber @admin i use it just for joplin. A little overkill, but truenas webdav settings are a little difficult to use, so i preferred this way.
I was thinking of other way to use it, but i don't really have any lol

@admin @giffengrabber i had the same problem, and ended up removing it and using just SMB, WebDAV and Syncthing. It works well enough and its pretty simple to setup, eith just a couple docker container.
The only problem is that you don't really have an UI to manage it, and you would end-up with a separate webdav container for each user.
Maybe it can be run easier on something like openmediavault though.

Finally received my new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in Olive Green. I really love it, and it looks really good, it's a shame I'll have to cover it with a cover, sigh

@tastytentacles i thought it returned objects

@wistahe Uhm really interesting. If i'll come to read it, i'll let you know!

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