Now has emoji packs! Currently we have

  • acnh
  • blobcat
  • queercats

All thanks to Puniko’s emoji repository

I know have a cat-themed, invite-only pleroma instance thanks to @koyu! @felino

So, today i woke up with an ambulance, and my grandmother was transported to an hospital after a while.
I dunno how I feel.
I couldn't watch them bring her outside, bud I don't know if i was worried for her, or for not feeling anything.
I care about her, but now it's just.. nothing, only a small stomach-ache.
Maybe I should get checked.
But maybe it's better like this?

@robots I'm running it on latest windows, and while it's a bit buggy, i say it's the best chromium-based browser around.

@Lumin maybe the environment just snapped, and now is gonna try to actively kill us, like in "The Day After Tomorrow"

@tastytentacles i mean, a single person is still a person, at least for math

@deo eh we pay like 17 but we share it with my uncle so it's not that bad even if I don't use it a lot. I use more prime video.
Oook then. Still, if you need to host something dm me, maybe i can spare some resources

@deo eeeh i feel that, i don't watch too much either anymore, and what i watch is not on netflix (not here at least).

But if you wanna host mastodon again, maybe i can offer some of my vps!

@tastytentacles because the other cat can't stand my own, so everytime we want to make her walk a little we have to first crosscheck with his owners (my aunt) so that they don't risk encountering each other.
Also, our garden isn't fenced.

Decided to run ArchiveTeam Warrior on docker, running pretty great!

@calculsoberic Still ain't got my marbles
But I got these beats coming out the back of my Toy car
Aye yo! I'm eating fun-dip right now, not giving a fuck, mwah

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