I'd replace the POCO with the Oneplus 8T - Cyberpunk 2077 edition, but being a limited edition it's sadly not available anymore.

But i still would die to have one, dammit!

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Decided to run ArchiveTeam Warrior on docker, running pretty great!

I HAVE FOUND THE BEST CAT PICTURE EVER (Obviously, not counting the ones of my kitten)

@koyu the motd situation on my laptop is getting worse.

@koyu the motd should be moved, changed or removed; when i try to reply to a post from a locked account, everything is constrained and i can't see the textbox for the message.

Added picture to show the problem.

Does anyone expert in GTK3/Gnome theming what's the class for this divider? I really can't find any info online, other that is a PopupMenu.

I bought this adapter originally to both run my fan hat and the dvb adapter on my rpi4, but after changing of plans, I had to use it to put it on my rpi4 with the "full-body heatsink" with fans.
And.. well, a spaceship, almost.

I've finally upgraded my omv nas' network adapter from the integrated 100mbps to a server-grade, four-port gigabit one.
I think i'm gonna cry..

I mean, I've seen ugly UI, but this? This looks like 2005ish.
And probably it would have still been ugly then.

Finally setup the Aqara sensor, and it works wonderfully! I'm gonna add more stuff!

The aqara zigbee temperature/humidity sensor is soo smal the box is like 80% empty cardboard! There literally is nothing inside that white box!

(Tissues for size reference)

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