I re registered a Tumblr, have I been teleported back to 2014? I am looking at fnaf fan comics and homestuck art. :blobcatcomftears: it's beautiful.

@tastytentacles lol. I think my tumblr account broke after being inactive for so much - the main thing i see is tloz stuff

@kettlevoid I am pretty sure all the Tumblrs I have registered in the past have gone the same way. prefer fresh starts anyway, the past is a road best left un-traveled.


@tastytentacles eeeh i see why. Maybe I'll make a new one too, I'll just have to find a good alternative app. My tumblr app already had an, ehm, important account

@kettlevoid honestly same, I am already gritting my teeth at the crypto trading adds. honestly didn't know tumblr let one use alternative clients.

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