I can't fathom customers that have a go at me about contactless limits existing and tell me that I should "have a word with the bank" like I do anything but work here.

@kettlevoid depends, some places do. limits like transactions have to be between £5 and about £45. it's frustrating for both parties because a lot of the time I have to be the person that says "yes you could buy that, but I have to stop you until you buy more".

@tastytentacles uh, ive5 tried only with Bancomat, which is a little special being both a special card, but it uses the mastercard system, and the only limit is having to put the pin over 20€, but all contactless. I've payed around 100€ at ikea last week

@kettlevoid dang, I kinda like that system more. here the limit is about £45 hard, you have to use chip and pin for anything more. and it mostly doesn't ask for the pin, except at random times when it's least convenient.

@tastytentacles Uh, strange. Maybe it's because bancomat was originally thought just for taking money from ATMs, and then it had added paying capability (PagoBancomat over Mastercard circuit). Pratically everyone has both a normal credit/debit card and a bancomat because if it takes a card, it always take bancomat.
Strange thing is, when you pay Bancomat is always a separated choice instead of like, debit/credit card, so it may be that the reason for different limits than normal cards.

@kettlevoid you can withdraw money from ATMs with contactless? I am honest jelly. it's weird though because we have master card here but I am pretty sure they all work like my debit card, which is a visa.

it sounds kinda like you have a third system to what the UK has, contactless here is kinda an extension of the chip and pin system I think? I honestly don't know that much about banking.


@tastytentacles well yes. But here the think is way more like standardized because bancomat is used by all banks.
Essentially bancomat is 2 card in one: a card used to get money from atm, and a mastercard card that takes momey immediately from the bank account, so a middle ground between prepaid and debit card.
Because of that during the years bancomat cards evolved alongside normal cards - now that everycard has chips, bancomat uses them too.

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