Oh, expert of the fediverse: Do any of you know of any other board similar to the Orange Pi Zero, maybe more recent? I need something small and low-power so i can use it as a CUPS server, and i can't resuscitate my own.
(And i'm adding reccent only for being more easier to buy).
I'd like something less than 20 euros, otherwise i'm just gonna keep using a full RPI3B+ like now (which is quite a waste, i'd say)

@kettlevoid Interesting! I’m afraid I don’t know of any suitable device, but if you find one, please let us know.

@giffengrabber only thing I've found is a tp-link little portable hotspot that can easily be flashed with full openwrt. It has a usb port, it has even an ethernet port, it has wifi, and being made to be powered from random usb ports probably doesn't have heavy requirements for power. It's right around my limit, 20€, but it's my only option for that price

@kettlevoid ok cool. another option: look for devices in the €50-60 range and then see if there are used ones available on ebay?

@giffengrabber eeeh i dont know, for something of this kind i don't really see the point, unless i search for a professional, enterprise print server

@kettlevoid just thought that if they sell new for 50€ you might be able to find them on ebay for 20€.

@kettlevoid Out of curiosity: Why not? Some sellers there are very good.

@giffengrabber i don't want to wait mainly, and for small dev stuff i prefer buying new

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