I've just ordere my first 3D Printer, an Anycubic Mega Zero! And only for 100€!
I'm so excited to finally have a 3D Printer!
Now i just have to decide what color the filament should be..
Black, White, or C O P P E R S I L K

@Rasp LOL, i actually think i'm gonna print a small planter. Or a laptop stand, i dunno. Now i'm just on thingiverse saving stuff i want to print!

@kettlevoid Oh I'd do that too! but... cmon.... its a catapult. it's adorable.

@Rasp it does look dope, but A) I don't really play Battletech & B) It looks a pain to paint minifigures

@kettlevoid true and I don't either.... but I still want one.

@Rasp lol i mean, maybe with the C O P P E R S I L K colored PLA they would still look pretty dope without being colored..

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