Follow I mean, keepass looks great, but i havent found a version that like, i can host has a seever to be able to access them from my phone, or with an extension.
Bitwarden instead both has a selfhosted option with all the options, and a version hosted from them for free, even if a slightly smaller set of options, but still, is plenty enough do normal use i think

@kettlevoid @arh
I use KeePass to store passwords and SyncThing to sync db across my devices.

The only issue I have is when I modify db on one device while it's already loaded into memory in the second one. But ten I just need to close and reopen it on the second device, I can live with this. I haven't found anything better so far.

@kettlevoid not to question the choice, but what exactly in that feature set is missing in KeePassXC+KeePassDX+any file sync?

@dside well, mainly setting up a file sync only for keepass i don't find is a good solution, also because it may have problem with being edited at the same times.
Also, bitwarden has really good clients, from the browser extensions to the App that i can use as an autofill provider.
But mainly, it's way less complicated to setup than KeePassXC+KeePassDx+File Sync.
I haven't tried the various KeePass programs & apps, but i kinda prefer bitwarden, also because the functionality of the free tier are good enought, and it's really easy and fast to self-host.

@kettlevoid so, a more complete package then. Fair enough. The file sync part I already had when I picked up KPXC, but that's me.
Simultaneous editing is indeed a bit of an issue. KPXC provides a "merge databases" option for when edit conflicts happen, but KPDX on mobile doesn't; NC tries to pull the latest database on every access, but that's still not ideal. Manual.
Yet at the same time having sync be done by something that absolutely can't see what's inside feels a bit more secure.

@dside it does sound more secure, but bitwarden too encrypt everything locally before it's sent to the server, so it's safe too

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