Finally setup the Aqara sensor, and it works wonderfully! I'm gonna add more stuff!

@kettlevoid what is all this stuff? I have no idea. Do you write these on a blog or something?

@seek This is just plain old Home Assistant with the Zigbee and MQTT integrations.
It's extremely simple to setup homeassistant with the prebuild image, even plugins, it's almost everything from the UI.
These two widgets are backed in, i just had to place them after connecting the sensor.
For more information, look on my profile

@seek And i mean my mastodon posts, i don't even have a blog


@seek it's pretty good, and it allows you to use zigbee devices from any vendor without having to buy multiple gateways!

@kettlevoid oh! It sounds pretty awesome, well I am not used to those stuff at all, it's not common to see those things here in my country.

@seek in mine started getting gain really in the last 3-4 years, if we talk generic stuff.
Actually, BTcino, started like in 2001-2002 with smart home stuff

@kettlevoid woah! smart home shit in 2001! dude at that time our village didn't even have proper electricity. 😆

@seek yeah, it's pretty interesting.
Smart Home has been a thing much longer than we usually think

@kettlevoid that got me wandering, we Sri Lankan are like 20 or so years behind you guys. 😐

@kettlevoid yeah but it's okay if the whole world was the same, no fun eh. BTW I will keep in touch with your project. Good work!

@kettlevoid that's great! btw can you use free software in those things? or is it free software already?

@seek home-assistant is the free software used. And for some zigbe and wifi stuff there is a custom firmware project called tasmota

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