I ended up setting up a ZNC bouncer with the Telegram Push module. It's pretty neat, but i can't connect with Revolution on Android, sigh..

OK, so: My aunt (who lives on the upper floor) has COVID, my grandma (who lives on the lower floos) is isolating because she came in contact with her.
I'm getting scared.

Perhaps you've been playing with the wrong balls...

@koyu i'm sorry to disturb you, but.. ehm.. NickServe seems to be dead?

told myself i wouldn't crash on the couch, but it's going to be cold outside...
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RT @mimimi33chan@twitter.com twitter.com/mimimi33chan/statu: R to @mimimi33chan: 別荘やトンネルから出るとパッと耳が立ちます。入る時は寝ます。自動耳システムすごいぞー🥳

anyways, if anyone on here needs it, pop me a message if you need an email address that isn't gmail.

note: i've been running my own mail server since 2001 or so. i still have the same email address that i had then.

the chance of your email address going offline is pretty slim, unless i get hit by a truck or have a heart attack.
Ghost isn't as heavy on features as WordPress, but it's very snappy. pages load quickly. it looks sexy. nice themes are available for it. it runs on node.js instead of PHP. you can inject code easily, so if there's some feature you're missing, it's easy to add some code to take care of that. it has a modern API, etc.

@koyu apparently my TheLounge instance has been banned from the IRC server

(ERROR Closing link: (root@host-95-249-21-72.retail.telecomitalia.it) [K-lined: Don't IRC as root!])

@koyu why does the IRC server have a self-signed certificate?

I've moved from Convos to TheLounge - more stable, convos had some problems with WebSockets and Caddy.

I think me and IRC have bad luck. I'm never able to meet anyone that's online at the same moment than me. :(

Today i've been told that wednesday i've got the second interview for a developer job, and i'm so hyped and happy!

Ok, i fixed it on windows by simply reinstalling it - i thing there was a problem either with installing or with enabling route forwarding, because the windows interface was set to static IP, but empty, which i didn't know was possible.

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