Now has emoji packs! Currently we have

  • acnh
  • blobcat
  • queercats

All thanks to Puniko’s emoji repository

I know have a cat-themed, invite-only pleroma instance thanks to @koyu! @felino

So, today i woke up with an ambulance, and my grandmother was transported to an hospital after a while.
I dunno how I feel.
I couldn't watch them bring her outside, bud I don't know if i was worried for her, or for not feeling anything.
I care about her, but now it's just.. nothing, only a small stomach-ache.
Maybe I should get checked.
But maybe it's better like this?

Decided to run ArchiveTeam Warrior on docker, running pretty great!

@kettlevoid Thanks! :) It's a Plain60-B on this one, so Mini USB it is!

To anyone that has moved to germany:

How necessary is it to learn German?
Is it fine to just pick it up when you go there or should you try to learn it in advance?
How much German should you know?
Do you need to be fluent?

Hwej jehrkjhwer uihweuhrfweru?

Just kidding. I had a PCB with a lifted pad deep down in a cabinet. Then I was thinking, why not solder some nice switches and make a bridge to fix the broken switch position? I had everything at home accept a case so I got a Tofu. I use the keyboard at work. Lubed Tacit. and acrylic tofu with some foam sounds really good even though it's tray mount.

:space_exp_mars2020_jpl: Random Image from Mars Perseverance :space_exp_mars2020_nasa:

Title: Mars Perseverance Sol 4: Left Mastcam-Z Camera

Id: ZLF_0004_0667302145_000FDR_N0010052AUT_04096_110085J
Sol: 4
Date taken: 2021-03-01T08​:​08​:​58.000 (Sol-00004M14​:​17​:​50.329)
Date received: 2021-03-03T11​:​51​:​46Z
Camera used: MCZ_LEFT (CAHVOR)
Camera position: (0.7314,0.660729,-1.98554)
Camera vector: (-0.8717305030440256,-0.48892922774048697,-0.032158052237365814)

NASA's Mars Perseverance rover acquired this image using its Left Mastcam-Z camera. Mastcam-Z is a pair of cameras located high on the rover's mast.

This image was acquired on Mar. 1, 2021 (Sol 4) at the local mean solar time of 14:17:50.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

NASA's Mars Perseverance rover …

ok asking for a friend (myself, i'm the friend) : a fantasy retelling of the entire divine comedy where dante and virgil are sapphic and paradiso is bad actually? y/n?

@kettlevoid @towhatend
I've seen people using the dials for alt tab or ctrl tab in the browser as well which Is pretty cool. Kinda like being able to scroll through all your tabs or the programs open.

@kettlevoid I agree, sounds like a interesting idea! Not sure if it exist (yet?) This one is called SPIN Macropad and you can find all the files on GitHub:

@kettlevoid It can be anything really. I use two of them to control volume and music, but I mostly use the keyboard for that anyway. In one layer they control everything related to the RGB underglow. The dials acts as buttons as well so when you press one down you change the layer. I mostly built this one for fun (first time I use dials). :)

@kettlevoid They are step type! It would be cool if one of them was free spin though.


come on Beelzebub you stingy old bastard you owe me this one.

Didn't know that minecraft'performance depended a lot on which Java version you were using, with mods even more!
Moving back from OpenJDK11 to OpenJDK8 made wonderful for my fps!

high concept+ 

would also be really neat if the player could pull logs from terminals or dead drones that detail what actions pissed the AI off. maybe mix in some sudo procedural logs that imply story events taking place before the game and off screen.

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