> Homicide charges were not appropriate in the case “because our investigation showed, and the grand jury agreed, that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in the return of deadly fire”, Mr Cameron said.

“This is a tragedy, and sometimes the criminal law is not adequate to respond to a tragedy,” he said later.



I am going to sleep now!

is it just my uni or are everybody's schools testing programming in written tests?

it's unfair that my mom has better internet than me. she doesn't have to keep a website running, ay?

I'm installing with on a retired Barracuda spam filter tonight... Very excited about this budget setup. The device was super cheap and so were parts. After upgrades, it's running 2.6Ghz x 4 processors and 16GB ram for under 250 USD. I'll post some benchmarks another time. I'm hoping this can eliminate some of my Digital Ocean bill XD

@kettlevoid Or y’know… have another child, since that last one was probably just a dud

huh outside today looks like in Silent Hill
"you mean its foggy?"
nah I just saw some cultists trying to birth an evil god

People say nothing is impossible but i do nothing everyday. 😞​

finally my "new" router has come!
It is just an ISP router, BUT it does have an in-built SFP for fiber, and support for 1000mbps wan.
And it was only 50€, so.. yeah, it's pretty good.
And finally i'll not have my ppp drop for no reason.

In the next version of Mastodon, you’ll be able to continue watching or listening as you scroll away from a post


There are a lot of bad things about youtube and russia.
But this.. this is.. gold.

@kettlevoid exactly! this would be where someone else may jump in. Would be ideal to just have something going and people could add on when available online!

@Treekaba I gritted my teeth, thinking of what should i say. what i should do.
If i accepted what he said, to go with him, i would abandon my previous life, what i was, forever.
On the other hand, if i refused.. maybe i could lose even more.

2020 selfhosting:

is only possible with a vps to get a public legacy ip, and some proxying / network magic x.x

for a healthy (decentralized) internet ipv6 has to become a first class citizen

@kettlevoid He did know that. He had known it since that night, waiting for a trading caravan in Choice City. He knew they were there watching him, analyzing his responses from somewhere he couldn't seem to pinpoint.

Continue the story in the comment!
I didn't even looked at him while he spoke, with the condescending tone used by a parent when talking to a bratty child.
"It doesn't matter anymore what you thought as right, or wrong. With your new situation, trying to adhere to your old moral standards will not allow you to.. survive. And you know that."

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