@garvalf Yeah, there are lots of screenshot apps. The issue is on a new architecture you're kinda in a catch-22 situation. (no libjpeg for riscv64 means no compiling anything that needs libjpeg, etc.) Pretty much you have to compile "all the things". I just got Python 3.x compiled so I could run haikuporter to actually start building ports.

Took a break from using my SiFive Unmatched until I can improve the cooling situation. The 38db 20mm fan is pretty intense to sit next to.

3D printed a 40mm fan adapter from thingiverse which will hopefully improve the situation 😅. The Green ABS felt right

Oh hell. Speaking of framework laptop.. they just released a bunch of hardware upgrades. community.frame.work/t/introdu

2.5G Ethernet, Intel 12th gen mainboard upgrades.. They're even offering a new milled-aluminum screen lid upgrade 🎉

@obra framework laptop. Repairable, and you can buy a replacement case, mainboard, etc. Keyboard is great too. frame.work

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@popolon you could always just run it in qemu 🙃. As of last night it works in qemu-system-riscv64 too.

I'd do a screenshot, but there's no screenshot app, or git.. or vim... or wget.. or ssh. 😕

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Just a horrible photo of me running haikuporter under Haiku on my SiFive Unmatched

@pulkomandy FYI -- Microsoft teams also bossware built in that spy's on your productivity. It's kinda shite.

@dredmorbius that's kinda a pointless article.

We need fossil fuels, we need plastics, that is true. At the same time we waste massive amounts of plastic on single use disposable items. We also waste massive amounts of petroleum by exploding it to make our cars go.

If something is finite, and bad on the environment, maybe we should stop using it for one-time use objects.

However, humans don't work that way. Cheap and convenient means we'll use it until something better comes along.. unless we regulate its usage via policy.

So.. I think the barn swallow that wants to make a nest over our front door has won this round.

The plastic snake worked for about a week.

@immychan I really like the minimal cell idea.. but none of the options seem 100% there yet. The UX *has* to be fluid and *quick*. The Punkt MP02 is really close with the integrated signal messaging. The Mudita Pure is awesome with its tiny open-source OS, but it misses a lot of basics. The Lite Phone 2 is close, but touch input seems hit-or-miss.


Elon Musk was quoted saying he would unban Trump from Twitter. At what point does domestic terrorism kick in for users with millions of followers on social platforms? 😮‍💨

Thanks for being on Mastodon and supporting a more diverse and friendly social media ecosystem.

MikroTik CRS305 for your backbone. QNAP QSW-308S for your desk. 10Gbps SFP+ transceivers + Cat 6 for any long runs, cheap SFP+ DAC cables for short runs.

under $600 and you too could have 1.1 GiB/s LAN speeds.

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If you want to know real joy... really touch the sky. Invest in a 10Gbps network at home. There is equipment out there now to do it with a minimal cost.

@waddlesplash lol. Write a elegant functional solution and someone who will never contribute a single line of code tries to crap all over it.

Honestly, social media isn't worth the emotional distress.

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