Took a break from using my SiFive Unmatched until I can improve the cooling situation. The 38db 20mm fan is pretty intense to sit next to.

3D printed a 40mm fan adapter from thingiverse which will hopefully improve the situation 😅. The Green ABS felt right

Just a horrible photo of me running haikuporter under Haiku on my SiFive Unmatched

So.. I think the barn swallow that wants to make a nest over our front door has won this round.

The plastic snake worked for about a week.

If you want to know real joy... really touch the sky. Invest in a 10Gbps network at home. There is equipment out there now to do it with a minimal cost.

Oh ho ho. seems like a really neat lightweight web protocol.

"Somewhere between gopher and http"

There's even a graphical c/sdl client named 'lagrange' that runs on

Just realized the about:Mozilla gag has been around for 28 years (since Netscape Navigator 2.02). is fun and a lot easier than pulling out my emulator and roms.

Hm. Got the buck converter off without damaging anything, but 12v is still grounded somewhere 😔

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Here's a fun little project. I got a Radeon RX 580 8GiB cheap + broken + as-is off of eBay. Looks like one of the MOSFETs blew up. Time to test my SMD soldering skills.

Man batteries are a pain to make. Almost done though. 30Ah, 12v LifePo4. Definitely understand the abundance of kapton tape now in commerce ones.

Ayyyee. Just sent a small data packet over LoRaWAN / Helium via an ESP32.

3.41 miles / 5.48km. Really far!!

(slaps top of battery) This bad boy can hold so many electrons.

Going to put a load on the pack and pull out the Flir infrared camera to look for hot spots next. Glad nothing is hot yet 😂

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There. Didn't even die. Have to wait 2 days for some more kapton tape though 😞. Going to double up all of the 0.2mm nickel strips to try and support at least 20A @ 12v. Excited for first but LifePo4 battery pack.

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woot. hrev54839 fixes playback of "large video" (4k) in @haiku I plan on pulling it to R1Beta2 as well.

Going back to a Google-less Android ROM to take back my data. is pretty refined! I've been using it for a day or so and haven't had the urge to switch back. So far so good.

Oh man, code running on my Sipeed Max Amigo.

@orionwl This needs to be a crate!

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