Just a horrible photo of me running haikuporter under Haiku on my SiFive Unmatched

I'd do a screenshot, but there's no screenshot app, or git.. or vim... or wget.. or ssh. 😕

@kallisti5 I have all this on my haiku desktop on x86, is it because you're running on risc?
Btw isn't flameshot a screenshot app?

@garvalf Yeah, there are lots of screenshot apps. The issue is on a new architecture you're kinda in a catch-22 situation. (no libjpeg for riscv64 means no compiling anything that needs libjpeg, etc.) Pretty much you have to compile "all the things". I just got Python 3.x compiled so I could run haikuporter to actually start building ports.

@kallisti5 Holy cow! This is amazing! Posting this from my Pinebook Pro with hope of running Haiku on it some day :)

@popolon you could always just run it in qemu 🙃. As of last night it works in qemu-system-riscv64 too.

@kallisti5 I would like to run it on one of my Lichee RV boards, and I never managed to have graphics with RISC-V emulation on qemu. I still have my BeBox :).
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