Random notes because it's a bad day at work where nothing works:
- If Microsoft Teams for Linux crashes when joining a call or doesn't find your audio devices, try installing PulseAudio
- If Vivaldi Browser crashes when clicking a form field, delete ~/.config/vivaldi/Default/AutofillStrikeDatabase
(if these were opensource this info would go on their bugtrackers…)
- Microsoft Teams multi-organization mode is useless, you have to logout/login to see messages from other organizations (with 2FA)


@pulkomandy FYI -- Microsoft teams also bossware built in that spy's on your productivity. It's kinda shite.

@kallisti5 that's the least of my problems with it here (company culture is not focused on the kind of productivity where you spend the day wiggling mouse and keyboard).
More annoyed by the fact that Microsoft gets a copy of all the NDA stuff that get sent by email and scans it to provide Cortana recommendations…

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