Oooh. SiFive 's latest capable Mini-ITX board is on pre-order. Anyone want to help me buy one? @haiku might like it. 🤤

@kallisti5 @haiku i wonder how much do they cost... could not see on the website...

@viktormadarasz @haiku Oh.. it's on their blog. "Priced at $665 USD (suggested retail price), the system will be available for pre-order soon;" Better than the $999 for the HiFive unleashed.

@viktormadarasz @haiku yeah, they're not at arm-scale cheap yet. Turns out getting your cpu in every mobile device helps manufacture costs :-)

@kallisti5 @haiku 660€ just for a motherboard with soldered 8GB RAM. At least it has real PCI, not like most ARM boards.

I will wait for taïwanese/chinese motherboard, they are jumping hard on the RISC-V train, Huawei sold microcontrolers RISC-V devboard with LiveOS, GCC etc.. for about 50$, the next step will be the tablet/phone grade version, that will probably have the same power than this SiFIve board (they can’t sell a lowend phone to customers that have the habit of their highend devices now).

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