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The SDF Plan9 BootCamp Spring 2021 begins on April 4th (Apr-Jun). Free virtual machines are available by emailing membership.

Further details can be found at:


#plan9 #bootcamp #vps #vm #remotelearning #study #os #classroom #learning #research #hacker

woot. hrev54839 fixes playback of "large video" (4k) in @haiku I plan on pulling it to R1Beta2 as well.

Going back to a Google-less Android ROM to take back my data. is pretty refined! I've been using it for a day or so and haven't had the urge to switch back. So far so good.

Oh man, code running on my Sipeed Max Amigo.

@orionwl This needs to be a crate!

Oooh. SiFive 's latest capable Mini-ITX board is on pre-order. sifive.com/boards/hifive-unmat Anyone want to help me buy one? @haiku might like it. 🤤

The longer I'm around, the more I think this whole "internet thing" was a bad idea. Really into lately. It needs a lot of work, but represents a neat idea to distribute the web. The youtube-dl takedown thing was kind of the final straw for me.

I've been quietly working on moving @haiku over to plugin-based URI solvers.

After that's done, maybe i'll figure out how to render IPFS content native in WebPositive 🙂

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Moved over to koyu.space from floss.space. Lets see how this server works. I have more confidence in a server with several thousand users vs a server with a few hundred.


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