I'm thinking of making a field skirt for when I go camping, with a molle belt to attach pouches.

@koyu Did you ever post your chernobyl in cities skylines?

@koyu What happened earlier today that I was getting some random German webpage instead of koyu? I thought this had imploded or something.

As a side note, this guy was cast without the front part of the foot, so I fixed it with some green stuff. Pretty happy with the result, given it's the first time I've had to do this.

Finally primed some Engineer-Sappers, T-34s and decoy StuGs yesterday for

@koyu Would it be possible to add the functionality to select how images are displayed? Right now, if I want to change the order I have to delete and reupload them one at a time.

Incidentally, this is also the first time the painted strelkovy company got used (and also the first thing I've painted for use in wargaming).

Forgot to post these from a few days ago. Finally got a game in, ended up winning through brutal use of flamethrowers and 160mm mortars (proxied as 76mm ZIS-3 guns).

Apparently catposting at 2 AM is very effective

Getting a new PC tomorrow, finally ready to ditch my 7 year old laptop. Gonna be posting about all the neat videogames I had bought but couldn't run.

I have a blog now! jovianarchiver.com/

(Technically it was already in my sidebar links, but now it's actually functional)

Forgot to post this yesterday, the first stand of soviets is done. I will be completing the rest of them today and maybe start on the next platoon.

I've been so tired from this internship lately that I barely have time or drive to do hobby stuff.
Incidentally one of the things keeping me busy is my final project, a Raspberry Pi stack, that is due on Monday.

@koyu What machine do you run your instance on?

The test Russian and more work on the minefields and barbed wire from yesterday

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