I've been a bit quiet recently. Not been feeling so great. Ok though.

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You know the thing in Futurama where the bureaucrats fly desks around to access enormous walls of filing cabinets?

That’s a real thing!!! (!!!!!)

Behold The Central Social Institution of Prague. It’s apparently still in operation. vintag.es/2020/01/central-soci

Is my working directory in my PATH?

echo $PATH | grep `pwd`

Assembly poll! Which syntax do you prefer?

it's working name to date has been the highly original, "Hello, x86_64!". I do quite like that though.

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Writing has been taking its toll with me recently. I'm really excited to share a small part a writing project I've been working on recently. It's about learning and writing x86_64 assembly, assuming no prior experience of either C or assembly. Trying to think of a good name for it. The message is sort of like, "Assembly for Everybody". Maybe that's an alright name itself? Any suggestions?

looks like C still has it. Be interesting to see how this data might look 5 years or so from now.

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Next time you're outside, take a look at the clouds.

today is a good day. how are my favorite internet strangers today?

If only one could exist in your life, which would it be?

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Working on an article showing you how to go about writing x86_64 assembly for Linux. I feel that people shrug assembly off after having heard that it is "hard". And while it's maybe "different", it might not seem as scary once you get to know it.

Does anyone here know who Tyrone Dobbs is? Asking for a friend.

Is everybody having a nice Monday? send coffee pls thanks,.

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