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A problem with a lot of Marxism Lincolnism stuff online is that it just goes "haha funny Lincoln" without putting much thought into the joke. Like, they have joke ML banners but they just add Lincoln after Engels or after Lenin (if he's in it), the latter of which doesn't even make sense since Lenin was after Lincoln. It's a huge missed opportunity to put other figures before Marx such as Thomas Paine (proto-socialist and starter of the American Revolution, as he wrote Common Sense and The American Crisis) and John Brown (agrarian socialist and radical abolitionist activist from the antebellum period). Really a shame how people didn't think hard enough about the joke smh.

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Marx leaned toward the person next to him at the bar and said "More like crapitalism, huh? Hi, I'm Karl."

They were having sex within fifteen minutrs

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▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ 91%

Ayo when the fuck is Neil Flambe 7 coming out

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common sense
uncommon sense
rare sense
epic sense
legendary sense

Just shuttered at the thought of an ancap instance

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imagine we reach December 31st 2020 11:59PM and a voice in the sky goes


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work, capitalism 

Me: “Oof. I can’t really be productive at work today. I wonder why”

My brain: “Maybe because all the work you are doing is not going to benefit you as a person, but someone else instead, and you are not going to receive appreciation for it anyway. The only thing you get in return is monetary compensation, and while being paid is appreciated, this frames the activity as a mere transaction and reduces most of your waking time to a commodity.”

Me: “It is a mystery indeed”

Static Shock OP is growing on me lol, the first one is a better song but this one is a better intro theme of that makes any sense

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Thursday, Nov. 19th 2020 was International Men's Day, but in 2025, it will be International Mednesday.

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is it gay to arrange? I mean you're literally causing something to happen or make plans for something to happen. 🤔

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[BOT POST] anarcho-transhumanist memeing 

communism is what happens when you try to build an ideology around the working class


Static Shock Title Sequence 2 looks way better but the song is way fucking worse 🗿

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[BOT POST] politics, probably gonna delete this 

my friends, sobbing: you can't just call everything technocracy
me, pointing at personal freedom: technocracy
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FELLAS, is it gay to avenge? I mean you're literally inflicting a punishment or penalty in return for 😔

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Guys is it gay to refurbish? You pretty much just making clean, bright, or fresh again 😳

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