@LilyVers There should be a statue erected in our honor ;)

covid + 

My mom told me she can't smell or taste anything and she's so upset about it lol. According to her everything she eats tastes like rubber so she's not interested in food like before. I told my sis she got lucky because if I couldn't smell or taste my ramen *shakes fist*

Selfie, eye contact, boosts ok 

@dockers I love your eye make up today!

@CosmicTortoise Oooo someone had a productive day. I caught up on my sleep, had some breakfast, stayed hydrated, did my cleanse, just finished up a video chat with my ex -he's bringing over more test kits for us- now I'm going to lay here and wait until this passes because I need more milk again. I want to see these CBD cherry sodas! I gave up soda some years ago so I'll live vicariously through you. I just got the same movie! My friend bought it and gave me the digital code, lol.

@CosmicTortoise It's like looking into a crystal ball. What are you up to today?

That netipot cleanse was fantasic!

*scrolls through the timeline*

@CosmicTortoise no one wants me to sleep 😭 cats kept waking me up with their shenanigans and I just want a full nights rest *eye twitches*

I'm definitely going to do a netipot cleanse tomorrow :rainbowdance:

@CosmicTortoise you're right, I better get my friends involved in this too. The more noise, the better.

Covid + 

Even though I've had the most mildest of symptoms, I still managed to try and sleep as much as I can. I've played word games, wrote in my journal, binge watched some Futurama, got a lymphatic drainage massage from Oliver, played The House of the Dead, had a soothing vapo-shower. My sis was upset with me that I felt like I had an allergy flare up while she had flu like symptoms. >_>

@CosmicTortoise I was drifting off to sleep finally when BAM, it went off and it sounded like it was right next to my window. Once I'm not contagious I'm gonna slowly walk up and down the street screaming BEEDO BEEDO BEEDO like a minion. That'll show them.

The neighbors still have fireworks going off and I only have the one pair of chanclas to throw at their heads. Its 2am here for crying out loud 🤨

@CosmicTortoise Uhh, well a snake started hanging out in my garden. It's a California King snake so naturally I named him King Henry LOL. A dog from down the street showed up at my front door one day and now whenever she feels like it, she comes over to hang out with me and the kids. She's the biggest dodo but I love her. That's about it I think? What masterpiece have you created with your multi-effects board?

@dockers Your feelings are totally valid and I have friends who never wanted kids and they're perfectly happy with that decision. Even if you get your tubes tied and change your mind, there's always adoption. >_> I don't understand why all this is happening. Just let us do what we want with our uterus -_-

Oliver has no sense of personal space but I'm glad hes taking good care of me 😍

@BrainDrifter I'll probably take him over to the beach in a few weeks. Maybe he can find me some treasures 😆

@BrainDrifter thats so awesome! I bought one for my nephew but its just sitting in the garage 🙄

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