The only thing I don't like about Tamagotchi is it doesn't tell me how old the pet is or if they're happy. I'm a digital pet pleaser so I need to know if I'm doing right by them, lol. My gigapets don't waste any time letting me know I'm doing wrong.. the jerks.

@GabeMoralesVR Lordt, that's all I need is another digital pet to carry around with me LOL. I've never heard of Chao Garden before, any good?

@gummibunny By far the best, it's a mini game in the Sonic Adventure titles. You raise these little things called Chao and race them against each other in a variety of events (running, swimming, flying, etc). Your chao have stats, and the stats increase depending on how you play the game. As you play the normal Sonic the Hedgehog title, when you bop enemies, they drop animals, and you collect them, and bring them to your chao. As you give your chao animals, they fuse with them...

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