I'm on lunch. Was hoping to be off early today but it doesnt look like that's gonna happen.

I'm having a night full of anxiety but I found the source of my anxiety, so there's that.

It's my lunchtime but idk if I want to eat or nap.

My feet hurt and I need someone to massage them 😴

I have this obsession with sending cards through the mail. Like, LOVE it. Idk why.

that's it, thats the Toot.

It's so exhausting when people are constantly demanding your attention. -_- Can I just have a day where I'm not bothered or nagged?

I've been playing ACNH the entire afternoon and now my back hurts. This is what I get, lol.

I'm sitting here writing out my dream from this morning and resumed my Star Wars weekend marathon. I will at some point have to get up and sashay my ass over to the treadmill to get steps in.

It's Sunday, what is everyone doing today? I hope not working...

I'm wild today and doing laundry lol.

I don't know why but I'm always having sexual dreams of my co-worker and it makes me uncomfortable.

Second time that someone has looked at my alumni profile. If it's the same person, please stop thinking of me πŸ™ƒ

Gosh, I really want that Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. 😍

late shift today so i'm in bed watching star wars until i absolutely have to leave :D

Ooo, I was also trying to sell a video game at GameStop but the security guard wouldn't let me sell because I was wearing a Disney necklace and she hated Disney. She told me to come back another day when I wasn't wearing nonsense. I was upset πŸ˜‚

Why do I have these dreams? How am I able to remember them so well?

Ew, I dreamt of a guy I know and he was trying to get me to go home with him. I had to walk a different direction just so he wouldn't know where I was headed and I was able to ditch him at a outdoor mall. πŸ˜…

Alright, I'm about to attempt to make a watermelon lemonade. Cross your fingers and pray to your god that I don't fuck this up.

I made sammy (salmon) burgers today and they came out *chefs kiss*

I made a few more for GF to take home for dinner. She's gonna be in love.

Also, my ex came over to pick up our kid. He was in a bad mood so I decided not to tell him about the parent-teacher conference. I know it's petty but if someone is not in the right headspace all they'll do is argue so...meh.

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