Oracle says: Wear a ring on your little finger to improve your communication.


Thank eff the day is over, the kids left with their mom and I am ready for my weekend to start.

These darn birds ate one of my bell pepper plants. It was huge too! Ugh, why aren't my cats doing their jobs of keeping them away.

My gigapets are 32 years old today and still demanding.

I want to wish all the bees in the world a Happy World Bee day! Save those bees people, without them we would all perish.

*moonwalks into the fediverse*

What did I miss today?

Just finished class and here's a video I want to share with you all. Our instructors made us all cry with this one<3

Adopt A Human

For those of you who won't be able to see the lunar eclipse from where you are ---come join the party!


I need to learn how to make kimchi because these little pre-made jars are expensive to buy.

And I have cravings darn it!


I forgot to post my dream from this morning. I dreamt that I was dating Zac Efron (I was talking about him yesterday morning with one of my penpals) and he was so cuddly with me it was adorable. I usually don't like that stuff in real life but he was pretty cute about it. I think I was more into his dad bod tbh.

I forgot to mention that Old is streaming on HBOmax. :)

Scary Movie; No Spoilers 

I watched the movie Old last night. See trailer here --->

If you're into scary films, this one is a good one to watch. Gf and I did not pause once to use the restroom, lol.

I was in a deep sleep when gf came home and decided to wake me up. Still half asleep I told her I wanted a divorce.

"but we're not married"
"but if we were thats what you'd get for waking me up"

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Now that #Eurovision is over, one question remains...

... Did the wolf get the banana? 🤔🐺🍌

YESSSSSS *shoots streamers* Congrats all around!

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