Have been away for these days. I traveled far from home to take some peace. Finally got some motivation for programming.

How to get motivation to finish learning many languages I have started learning and never finished?

Currently I haven't finished (percentage I think I learned):

  • French (~10%)
  • Japanese (~50%, grammar btw)
  • Russian (~10%)
  • Spanish (~70%)

(I actually started learning German, but I don't want anymore)

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happy independence day Vietnam! πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

fuck France!!

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@koyu @sathariel The internet started off so good with standards like email, irc, and usenet. In a way I think it got worse once the primary developers switched from standards committees full of people passionate about the potential of technical aspects of software to large companies with ad based profit motivations.

Almost finishing the render. Here's a preview.

I tried some things today, but I was out of creativity. So I came up with this cube and I think I like it.

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Made this quick animation on Blender to use on header of my profile.

Using an alternative keyboard layout is actually good. Do you use any layout other than *werty/z?


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