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very mildly lewd 

trying to explain to friends that when I said "I'd make an exception for a catboy" I meant like an anthro furry cat boy, not some anime twink with cat ears... Know The Difference

25/f/fedi 💋
newbie dev protégée looking for experienced Linux mentor uwu 💕

gay junk food acquired. now crossing the gay street on my gay scooter.

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@gewn @robots @seek @derrick97 @Vurt_Konnegut i just fixed the issue with restarting all services, thanks for all the reports. happy hopping! :bun:

older women should always get first say over what the thermostat is set to

if more cops end up in prison the US will definitely start having ex-cop dormitories that are like those really nice prisons from norway

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POV: You're a cutie reading this post. Everyone is very jealous of you and your great skill, awesome talents, wonderful charm, and hot body.

i wonder if one day i’ll ever be able to make it thru TSA without being flagged by security :/

got a great deal on an auction for a ton of old miss spider books for my collection. why is all of my mail this week missing or destroyed?? 😭

trans woman excited/terrified to go out to the beach for the first time 

had to get a new bathing suit because i’ve lost 70 lbs since i last went to the beach. first time i’ve actually got something sexy instead of a one piece made for genderless blobs. damn i look good 😳 but holy crap i’ve never felt comfortable showing skin in public, so wish me luck!! 😱

when your breakthrough encounter for the week is just a frillish

brand new limited edition record just came in the mail 😢

weed, fursona 

old sona doodles that feel relevant today 🦨

old art w/ weed and fursona in skimpy outfit 

happy 4/20 lol

i wish being psychic was more like a cool superpower and not like that’s so raven

anyone know any cool queer tattoo artists in LA?

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