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crypto and the environment, nuance 

your relationship with crypto and the environment shouldn’t have to be black and white. don’t beat yourself up if you’ve got a little bit of doge or brought yourself out of poverty using a little bit of btc. trust me before you even notice it your credit card will be giving you 2% back on your groceries as crypto. in a world where you need money to survive its not wrong to be trying to get savy with this new form of future-money thats probably going to become necessary at some point. there’s definitely a lot of bad out there but that’s not all it is. fiat currency is plagued with companies like western union that exploit millions of dollars out of poor people daily. you can actually set up a couple accounts and an app on your phone and instantly have so much more agency over moving and saving your own money. if i lived in a country with a hyper inflated currency, i would be so grateful that there are some pretty damn decent altcoins out there.

there’s a lot of inevitability behind this sort of technology. its sovereign design means that it can’t really be canceled once its passed its critical mass. participation isn’t healthy for the environment. but when has money ever been good for the environment? remember, no ethical consumption under capitalism. if we’re serious about this we need to not forget about the developers. ultimately its up to them to make sure crypto ends up in a good place. there needs to be better ways to support ethically minded developmental work into these projects. if people can be properly compensated for their effort then they’ll be less likely to design it unsustainably.

open-source is amazing and blockchain tech is really cool! NFTs as a commodity as we’ve learned, can become seriously terrible, but non-fungible tokens are conceptually really cool, we’re going to see bits of that technology integrated all over our digital lives in coming years, like encryption or 2fa, i think it’ll be cool

to completely hop onto the fake environmentalist twitter bandwagon is completely disregarding the open-source history and structure of a lot of crypto technology. so many cool technologies like printing, internet, wifi, social media have all been similarly besmirched by capitalism. there is the possibility to do a lot of harm, but there is just as much power to do good with it. we need to make sure that we have a say, and are pushing for ethical development instead of abandoning it for someone more nefarious to exploit.

// im no expert on crypto, so take what i say with a grain of salt, sure i’ve personally lucked out on a little bit of doge and eth, but i care a lot more about the environment

01 JULY 2015 - Disreality Diary: Cap’n Crunch
I have such a blatantly set form of one-way communication with those I care about the most.
They send me messages over our infuriatingly business-y email system at work, they send me text messages, and deliver missed calls free of voicemail because they know It doesn’t make a difference. I answer on my own time, although a majority of my time doesn’t end up being made.
I’m just not an expert at reciprocating.
Although its not as if I don’t return the favor like I should, I just, don’t, with texts and phone calls. But I do /usually/ make sure to complete the agreements brought upon me by having relationships with other human beings. I make sure to keep an eye open for my family on social networks. I help with getting that file saved as a .svg file, or does it need to be a .ai?
I think I’m just quiet.
You could probably call me one of those people that like to keep to themselves. And you’d be right, most of the time, but I have also been known (to myself) to be very clingy and needy as well. I’ve been told I come off very extroverted, but I believe I’m just a good actor, or at the very least, I have a firm grip on this facade that I am.

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about singular pronouns that’s too long to tweet: :nb:​✨​

one day during sophomore year honors english class i pulled my teacher aside to ask about why i got marked down for using they as a singular pronoun when it was grammatically correct. in fact, the gender of the subject in the poem we where writing about’s gender wasn’t even mentioned. she proceeded to chastise me in front of the whole class about how they is only a plural pronoun. (keep in mind this was like a decade ago so pronouns were not in anyone’s minds at the time) i just asked “so if a person used they instead of he/she then they would be incorrect?” she agreed and waited in silence when I didn’t say anything else. She gets impatient and barks at me “what?”. I just repeat myself “...then THEY would be incorrect?”
...we stood there in silence for what felt like a minute but was probably only like 10 seconds before a couple students chucked. she knew she fucked up. she didn’t even give me back my fixed essay until after class let out but you know i’m framing that mf’er some day!

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